The ultimate guide to kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

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Strong wind, flat water and tropical vibes? That’s what Sri Lanka kitesurfing is all about

Sri Lanka is one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the world with flat water. Furthermore, there are many kite spots with excellent and steady wind, which makes Sri Lanka perfect for both beginners and advanced riders.  In this post, you will find a complete guide with all the information about kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and what are the most breath-taking kitesurfing spots around!

Even if we set kitesurfing aside for a moment, there is no doubt that Sri Lanka is becoming a famous tourist destination among the masses. Why is that? It is merely because this island is a great country where you can find many UNESCO heritage places, some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and delicious local food. Furthermore, there are many different activities that you can do such as surfing, trekking, climbing, and especially kitesurfing.

Sri Lanka also got ranked as one of the best kitesurfing destinations worldwide. Some of the factors which make it such a great place for kitesurfing include:

> Flatwater in many lagoons.
> Steady wind conditions throughout the year.
> Perfect for beginner and advanced kitesurfers.
> Rich local culture and tons of heritage sites.

Sri Lanka endows you richly, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced kitesurfer – In Sri Lanka, you will find just the perfect kite spots to go nuts on the waters – in a very positive way 🙂

Kitesurfing season: when is the best time to kitesurf in Sri Lanka?


The primary kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka is from May until October and is also known as the primary season. During the primary season, you can expect constant and reliable wind. Furthermore, the average wind speed is usually between 18 and 30 knots, which makes it ideal for any level of kitesurfing.

Another good time to kitesurf in Sri Lanka is also from December to March. Winter is also a festive season in Kalpitiya because the wind does not let us down! The only difference is that the wind speed drops a little, but it still remains steady between 14 to 20 knots.

And if we talk about the potential kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka, then the most famous one is Kalpitiya – A small fisherman village with lagoons, shallowed water, and a lot of nearby islands. On top of that, there are tons of kitesurfing schools and resorts nearby as well which just makes it perfect for kitesurfing!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our list of kitesurfing locations in Sri Lanka.

 List of some of the best Sri Lankan kitesurfing spots 


 Down here, we have created an ultimate list to show you some of the best kite spots in Sri Lanka. Most of the kite spots are on the west coast; however, there are exquisite beaches to kite on the south coast and east coast as well!

1. Kalpitiya lagoon 

So far, Kalpitiya is the most famous kite spot in Sri Lanka, and for the right reasons! In this lagoon, you can kite during the two kitesurfing seasons. However during the winter season, the wind is steadier than in the summer season, so you need to keep that in mind as well.

From May to October, the wind is more potent, but it becomes slightly gustier due to the wind direction. On the other hand, in the winter season, the wind comes from the ocean side, so it is super steady! Anyway, both seasons are great for kiting in the Kalpitiya lagoon.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner or you are in your first steps of kitesurfing, Kalpitiya is the best choice to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. Many schools are nearby, and it is relatively easy to organize some kite lessons. So if you are a beginner, then you will be entirely in love with the Kalpitiya lagoon!

Recommendation: there are some sharp shells in the lagoon, so be ready to protect your feet with some water shoes, especially if you are a beginner! It is not very common to get hurt, but if you are unlucky, you don´t want to step in one of these sharp stuff and end up in the hospital!

2. Ippantivu island 

This island is not yet well known in Sri Lanka, but it is still an incredible and authentic spot for kitesurfing. Since it is yet to catch mainstream attention, you will only find a few kiters around, which makes it such a great choice.

Ippantivu Island, recently called “mini Vella,” is in Puttalam lagoon, and you can arrive there by boat from Kalpitiya (around 30 minutes). This spot is smaller than Vella Island; however, the wind in summer is usually more potent due to the venturi effect.

Recommendation: Because of its location, there is a venturi effect that makes Ippantivu a very windy kite spot, especially if you go to the choppy area between the island and the Dutch Bay. You will feel how strong is the wind at this point in the middle of the channel!

3. Vella Island 

Vella Island is among one of the most known kite spots in Sri Lanka and probably the best. This island is located in front of the Wilpattu National park and is only an hour away by boat from Kalpitiya. But what makes Vella Island stand out from other kitesurfing spots? It is the vast sand bars, super flat water, and steady wind which make the perfect kitesurfing conditions!

And when you take the boat ride to Vella, it will be an adventure in itself because it is located just in front of the Wilpattu National park.

The reputation of this kite spot hurries ahead! Vella presents an authentic paradise for kitesurfing-lovers! We recommend coming here with an intermediate kite level to take full advantage of this trip because due to the very steady and strong wind at Vella, it would make it a bit more difficult for beginners.

Recommendation: Wind is entirely offshore, which means that it is not suitable for beginners. In Vella island, the wind is stronger than in the Kalpitiya lagoon (around five more knots), so be ready to bring your smaller kites! And if we talk about the best time to visit Vella Island, it is during the summer season when the wind remains steady and consistent.

4. The Dream spot 

The Dream spot is located in the Dutch Bay, and it is around 15-20 minutes away from Kalpitiya. Unlike other kite spots in Sri Lanka, you can kite in the Dream Spot all year round due to its consistent winds. If we look at some other kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka, like Navy Point, you can go only in the wintertime because it is too choppy in the summertime. But when we talk about “The Dream spot,” you do not have to worry about seasons!

The Dream spot has flat water all year-round, along with a vast and spacious room for surfing. Another major advantage of the Dream Spot is that you will find flat water, which makes it ideal for beginners and experts alike!

5. Kappaladi lagoon

This small lagoon is perfect for freestyle and is also an excellent spot for learning to kitesurf as well. On top of that, the wind is also very steady, which allows the kitesurfers to ride for a long period of time without any interruptions. And since the conditions are so perfect in the Kappaladi lagoon, it is ideal for beginners too.

If you are in the Kalpitiya, It is worth making a one-day trip to the Kappaladi lagoon, especially if you like to go downwind. During the summer season, the wind is usually very steady, which also makes it easy for those who want to learn kitesurfing!

  Recommendation: If you are an advanced rider, the best time to kite in the Kappaladi lagoon is from 12 to 3 pm, when other resorts & schools take a break! During this time, you will find the lagoon less crowded and perfect for kiting. On the other hand, the winter season is not that ideal for kitesurfing due to the wind conditions.

6. The Navy Point 

This kite spot is located at the end of the “Duch Bay” and is one of the best spots during the wintertime. It takes around 40 minutes to get to Navy Point from Kalpitiya lagoon, which is one of its attractive features.

Like Ippantivu island, this is a flat water spot from December to March, and during summertime, it is very choppy, that is why it is worthy of going only in the wintertime. Unfortunately, every year the sandbar at Navy point is disappearing more and more due to coastal erosion; therefore, it will become smaller with time until it completely disappears.

However, that’s going to take a lot of time which means that you can still plan and take a trip to Navy Point and enjoy one of the unique & unforgettable kitesurfing experiences! 

Recommendation: Navy Point is the perfect starting point for a downwind trip to the Dream spot in the winter season.

UPDATE 2023 – 

Unfortunately, each year the sandbar at Navy Point is disappearing more and more due to coastal erosion, therefore it will get smaller over time until it disappears completely.

7. The Donkey Point

 If you are a wave raider, this is the best kite spot in Kalpitiya to do kiteboarding in the ocean. The Donkey Point can be reached by car /tuk-tuk or motorbike from Kalpitiya because it is located in a cape approximately 10 km south of Kalpitiya. Once you’ve reached Donkey Point, you can find very steady and strong winds during both kitesurfing seasons in Sri Lanka.
The wind is very stable, and it is cross-onshore, which turns it into a safe place to do kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, although it is not a spot for beginners due to the conditions of the ocean. But for those who love wave riding, there is no spot better than this one in Sri Lanka!


8. Arugam Bay 


Arugam Bay is located on the east coast of Sri Lanka. Arugam Bay is more known as a surfing destination, but on windy days it is also possible to do kitesurfing there. In Arugam Bay, you will find nice waves for surfing, and if you are lucky, you can get some days with good wind for kiting 🙂

During the summer season, it can get pretty windy during the month of August and the end of July. On some days, the wind can go up to 25 knots, but on average, the speed is usually around 14 to 18 knots. Furthermore, the wind speed is also not consistent, and it is not uncommon to even encounter offshore winds.
That’s why Arugam Bay is best suited for the experts and if you are a beginner, ensure that there is a rescue boat nearby before attempting to kitesurf.


 9. Adam´s bridge (Mannar)


The Adams Bridge consists of several small islands that separate India and Sri Lanka. A long time ago, India and Sri Lanka were joined by Adam’s Bridge, and nowadays, there are only some islands left in this corridor. However, its long beaches and flat water makes it one of the best spots to kitesurf in Sri Lanka.
However, you need to keep in mind the lack of infrastructure and facilities, which may turn off many tourists. But if you are a true adventurer and want to experience a different side of Sri Lanka, then you have got to check out this place!


 10.The southern coast of Sri Lanka


On the southern coast, you will find the most beautiful and touristic beaches in Sri Lanka! On top of that, it also provides a lot of opportunities to kitesurf from January to April, especially in the afternoons. Although the wind is not as consistent as it is in Kalpitiya, it makes up for it with its amazing beauty, local culture, food, and light winds.
On average, the wind speed is usually around 10-16 knots. And if we talk about the best beaches on the Southern coast, these are:
> Tangalle
> Matara
During the summer season, it is not uncommon to get intense wind from the south as well. But don’t expect the same conditions as up in the north because the ocean is very rough at that time.





Still, have some questions related to kite spots in Sri Lanka or just something related to kitesurfing Sri Lanka? Then have a look below:

What is the most suitable kitesurfing equipment when traveling to Sri Lanka?

If you travel in the winter season, you should bring kites from 12 to 16 meters. And in the summer season, kites from 7 to 10 meters are ideal, depending on your weight. Sometimes, in the summer season (from May to September), the wind could get up to 30 knots, so better you be ready just in case because you wouldn’t want to fly away!

In the winter season, the wind is always relatively consistent with 14-18 knots, during which a smaller kite (less than 12 meters) works best.

What do I need to bring?

The climate in Sri Lanka is pretty hot, and the water is good without a wetsuit. So instead of bringing your wetsuit, make sure that you bring good suncream (up to 50).
In general, you would need good suncream, water shoes, or booties for Sri Lanka kite surfing.

How to get from the airport to the main kite spots in Sri Lanka?

If you are planning a kitesurfing trip to Sri Lanka, you may consider organizing a private vehicle. Negombo airport is located around 3 hour drive from Kalpitiya, and once you get out of the terminal, you will find a crowd of taxis and shuttles.

The regular cost for a private vehicle from the airport to Kalpitiya is around 50 euros (10.000 rupees). Getting a personal car is a fastest and most comfortable way to get to Kalpitiya, especially if you bring your board bag.
You also have the option to get a public bus from the airport to Kalpitiya. From the Negombo bus station, regular buses go up to Puttalam. To reach Kalpitiya, you can get off in Palavi town and get a new bus!