What are the most amazing Kitesurfing Spots in Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is one of the top kitesurfing destinations in the world with flat water. Furthermore there are many kitesurfing spots with very good steady wind perfect both for beginners and advanced riders.  In this website you will find all the information you should know about what are the most amazing kitesurfing spots around Sri Lanka. Are you wonding where to kite in Sri Lanka? Come for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and discover the best kitesurfing locations in Sr Lanka.

There are few destinations in the world like Sri Lanka, an amazing country with many interesting places to visit. Sri Lanka is becoming more and more famous tourism destination every day. Why is that? Well, this is an amazing country where you can find many UNESCO heritage places, some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world and a very tasty local food.  Furthermore, there are many different activities that you can do like surfing, trekking, climbing and especially kitesurfing.

Kitesurfing has become very famous in Sri Lanka due to its amazing kitesurfing spots and because it is windy almost 9 months of the year! With these conditions every day more and more kitesurfers come to this amazing kitesurfing destination and travel around trying to find the best kite spots in Sri Lanka.

Most of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka are located on the Northwest of the country, in the peninsula of Kalpitiya. At the end of the peninsula we find a fishermen village called Kalpitiya, like the name of the peninsula. This village is very traditional and yet is not so crowded of tourists like in South Sri Lanka. This makes Kalpitiya a very authentic kitesurfing destination. If you want a place to spend your kitesurfing holidays in a quiet environment, kalpitiya is the perfect destination. In adition, you will find most of the Sri Lanka kite spots around the peninsula of Kalpitiya.

List of some of the best Sri Lanka kitesurfing spots

Down here we show you what are the best kite spots in Sri Lanka to take in mind when you plan your next kite holidays to this amazing kitesurfing destination. Most of the next kite spots are located in the west coast, however there are very good beaches where to kite also in the south coast and east coast.

Kalpitiya lagoon

Kalpitiya lagoon is so far the most famous kite spot in Sri Lanka. It is possible to kite during the 2 kitesurfing seasons, however in winter time the wind is steadier than in summer time. From May to October the wind is stronger, but it comes a little bit gustier.  By the other hand in winter time the wind comes from the ocean side, so it is super steady! Both seasons are very good to kite in Kalpitiya lagoon. Furthermore, if you are a beginner or you want to learn kitesurfing from ground, Kalpitiya is the best choice to lean kite in Sri Lanka. Many schools are located nearby, and it is quite easy to organise some kite lessons

Ippantivu island

This island is yet not well known in Sri Lanka, this is the reason we mark it second on the list due to it is an incredible and authentic spot. There are no other kiters around and it is like kiting in paradise. Ippantivu island is located in the middle of Puttalam lagoon and we can get there by boat from kalpitiya (around 30 minutes). This spot is much more smaller than Vella island however the wind in summer timer could be stronger due to the venturi effect. Perfect spot for kitesurfing! Up to know, Margarita kite school is one of the few schools organizing a kite trips to Ippantivu island.

Vella Island

This is one of the most known kite spots in Sri Lanka and probably the best. Vella island is located in front of the Wilpattu National park and one hour away by boat from Kalpitiya. Vella is really an authentic paradise for kitesurfing! It is a huge sand bar with super flat water. The wind is really steady and it it is the perfect spot for advanced riders

The Dream spot

The Dream spot is located in the Dutch Bay and it is around 15-20 minutes away from Kalpitiya.  Unlike other kite spots in Sri Lanka, you can kite in the Dream Spot all the year around when it is windy. Some other kitesurfing spots in sri lanka like the Navy Point you can go only in winter time, because in summer time is too choppy. The Dream spot has flat water all the year around. Also, while other kite spots have off shore winds, in the Dream spot you have side-shore winds, what makes this spot very suitable for beginners

Kappaladi lagoon

This small lagoon is perfect for freestyle and it is a good spot to learn kitesurfing too. The wind is also very steady and it is the perfect spot to progress in kitesurfing. It is worthy to make a one day trip from Kalpitiya ro Kappaladi lagoon. For those kiters who like to make downwinds, it is possible to make a downwind trip from the Kappaladi lagoon to the Kalpitiya lagoon by the ocean. The wind is all the time side on-shore

The Navy Point

This kite spot is located at the end of the “Duch Bay” and it is the perfect kite trip to do in winter time. It takes around 40 minutes to get to the Navy Point from Kalpitiya lagoon.  Like Ippantivu island, this spot has shallow water from December to March and during summer time it is a very choppi spot, that is the reason that it is worthy to go only in winter time.

The Donkey Point

If you are a wave raider, this is the best kite spot in Kalpitiya to kite in the ocean. Around 10 Km south of Kalpitiya, the Donkey Point is located in a cape, what makes this spot to be very wind during the summer seaon. In the Donkey Point you are not going to find the best surfing waves, however it is the perfect getaway from the flat waters from time to time. Also, the wind is very steady and it is cross-onshore so it is quite safe to kite in the Donkey Point

Arugam Bay

Unlike the spots mentioned above, Arugam Bay is located on the east coast of Sri Lanka. Arugam Bay is more known as a surfing destination however during windy days it is also possible to do kitesurfing

South coast

In the Southcoast of Sri Lanka like Matara it is also possible to kite when it is windy (normally in summer time. The ocean is very rough tough)

It is hard to find a Kitesurfing destination with so many interesting kitesurfing spots. Sri Lanka has some of the best kite spots in the world and yet it is not so touristic like other destinations. Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka means kitesurfing in paradise! Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka means kitesurfing in paradise. Now is the time to organise a kitesurfing holiday to Sri Lanka before it gets too crowded

What is the most suitable kitesurfing equipment when travelling to Sri Lanka?

If you travel in winter time it is better that you take with you kites from 12 to 16 metres and in summer time kites from 7 to 10 metres depending on your weight. Sometimes, in summer time the wind could get up to 30 knots so be ready in that case! In winter time the wind is always quite consistent with 14-16 knots,, however if you have the chance to bring with you a very big kite, better you bring it in case.

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