Kite Trips

 The most amazing kite trips in Sri Lanka!


Around Kalpitiya there are many perfect spots to go for kite trips and downwinds. Here at MKS we arrange different trips each week, depending on the season, because the wind conditions are constantly changing. From May to October the wind average is around 20-25 knots (southwest) and from December to March 16 to 18 Knots (northwest).

North of Kalpitiya there are many islands with flat water and super steady wind. Vella Island is the best of all, however, there are many other spots with perfect conditions too! If you prefer to kite in the ocean, the Donkey Point is the best option to ride among the waves.

Join us for a kite trip to the best kite spots around Kalpitiya!

> Vella Island trip

Located 45 min by boat from Kalpitiya, this is a paradise island. This tiny island is probably one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world.

> Dream spot

This is located on the Dutch Bay, only 25 minutes by boat from Kalpitiya. At Dutch Bay, the wind is very steady. And the water is flat and shallow with side shore wind.

> Kalpitiya Lagoon

Just to 30 min by vehicle from Kalpitiya there is a small lagoon with very steady wind, flat and shallow water.

> Puttalam lagoon islands

In Puttalam Lagoon, there are many islands with flat and shallow water. We will be happy to show you all of them.

> Donkey Point

There are probably no other places in Kalpitiya where the wind is as strong and steady as it is on the Donkey point. This spot is located on a cape where you can kite on the ocean with relatively good waves.

> Other spots upon availability

Feel free to ask us.


Vella Island: 45 EUR / person

Dream Spot: 35 EUR / person

Ippantivu Island: 35 EUR / person

Navy Point: 35 EUR / person

Including kitesurfing guide, safety boat, meal and water.

Proposed Downwinds:

MKS organizes many downwind for those who are more adventurous. You will be able to ride along the coast of Puttalam District and end up at the Wilpattu National Park! Join us for an amazing experience.

> Downwind from Dream spot to Ilimppativu Island

(1 hour downind trip) Flat-choppi water, depending on the day

> Downwind from Kalpitiya to Wilpattu National park

(1,5 hour downwind trip)

> Downwind from Kappaladi lagoon to Kalpitiya Lagoon

(2 hour downwind trip). Ocean riding.

> Downwind Norochcholai – Puttalam Island – Kalpitiya

(2 h approx) Flat-choppi water, depending on the day


Vella Island: 45 EUR / person

Rest: 35 EUR / person

Including kitesurfing guide, safety boat, meal, and water.
Minimum of 6 people.