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Kalpitiya is definitely the best place for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka. One of the best destinations in the world for practice this sport. Kalpitiya is the best choice because our lagoons have the best flat and shallow water of the surrounding areas.

Kalpitiya is a destination for Kitesurfers where mass tourism has not arrived yet and the area is still to be developed in terms of tourism. With a special beauty, enjoy with many kitesurfing spots to be discovered yet!

Puttalam Lagoon

Subliminal landscapes

The singularity of the place makes this spot one of the best places for kitesurfing in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka.

Donkey Point

Waves in the ocean

If you prefer  kiting among the waves in the ocean, the Donkey Point is the perfect spot! Come and ride with us!!

Lagoon of Kappaladi

Only 20 km south of the town of Kalpitiya

Their flat and shallow water and the wind conditions make this place a very good kitesurfing spot.

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