Sunset bar

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The Sunset Bar! Our rooftop meeting point

The Sunset Bar serves as our meeting point both before and after kitesurfing sessions. Located right at the kite spot, it’s the perfect place to await the wind while socializing with instructors, students, free riders, and our staff. As soon as the wind picks up, we all eagerly dive into the water.

For those looking to start the day with tranquility, join us for early morning yoga sessions upon request.

After an exhilarating kiting session, let’s unwind with a refreshing drink and relish the breathtaking sunsets that Sri Lanka has to offer. We’ve got a variety of beers, bar snacks, lively music, and good vibes to make your evenings memorable!


Fresh and local meals

✔️ Breakfast

To fuel you up for an exciting day of kitesurfing, we provide a nourishing and hearty breakfast. Our breakfast spread includes a delightful assortment of fresh fruits, eggs, freshly baked bread, homemade jams, and delectable pancakes drizzled with coconut honey


✔️ Lunch

We understand the significance of enjoyable food for both your body and mind. That’s why we offer scrumptious local lunches that you can savor right on the beach between your kite sessions or within the comfort of our resort.


✔️ Dinner

As the sun sets and dinner time approaches, our talented local chef crafts a buffet that blends the best of local and western cuisines. You’ll find an enticing array of dishes to satisfy your palate. From our closely guarded recipe for fresh Sri Lankan curry to mouthwatering seafood delights, chicken dishes paired with creamy mashed potatoes and crisp veggies, an array of pasta options, and the irresistible Sri Lankan Kothu.

To add an extra layer of excitement to your dining experience, we host special theme nights every week. Be sure not to miss our renowned pizza night, featuring handmade pizzas straight from our stone oven. For seafood lovers, our BBQ night offers the finest quality tuna and meat. And if you’re craving a taste of Spain, our paella night brings the lively flavors of Spain to your plate

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