kalpitiya - Sri Lanka

The Navy point kite spot

Navy Point, the Pearl of the Dutch Bay in Kalpitiya

Located at the end of the “Ducth Bay” the Navy Point is probably the best kitesurfing spot in Sri Lanka in winter season!

Where the Navy Point is located?

The Navy Point  is located at the end of Dutch Bay and it’s one of the best kitesurfing spots during winter months. This spot is also located in a strip of sand behind a huge reef with off-shore winds suitable for more advanced kiters. From KAlpitiya lagoon, it takes around 30 minutes to the Navy Point. This spot is so unspoiled that there are no even fishermen huts around. The Navy is currently controlling all the area.


Kite trips winter season

* Leaving time from Kalpitiya around 11 PM

* Lunch at Navy Point

* Kiting until afternoon at Navy Point

* Downwind from Navy Point to Dream spot (1 h approx)

* Comming back to Kalpitiya around 17 pm


* Kite guide

* Lunch & soft drinks

* Safety boat

* Photo session (under request)

Price: 30 eur /person

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