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Sri Lanka offers 9 months of good wind a year. There are two main kitesurfing seasons in Sri Lanka:
  • Kitesurfing season in summer: From May to September: Average: 18-25 Knots Wind direction: Southwest wind
  • Kitesurfing season in winter: From December to March:  Average 14-20 Knots Wind direction: Northwest wind.

In Sri Lanka we have the best wind condictions around the globe! The kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka is quite long and depending on the month we have different kiting conditions! Down here you find all the season divided by months! 

Kalpitiya, for the best wind conditions!

Discover the kitesurfing season in Sri Lanka by months! 

Kitesurfing in summer season

During the months of May, June, July, August and September there is a very good wind in Sri Lanka. This season is quite long and we have strong winds all the time! During this season you will be able to kite from early morning to evening. Summer time is the best kite season in Sri Lanka to organise kite trips due to the strong winds and the posssibility to kite all day long! 

In summer season, the wind is usually very strong at the beginning of the season(Mid – End of May)  and quite light at the end of the season (End september- Beg october). 

In summer, the wind is quite strong all day long but the intensity of the wind changes depending on the tide (every 6 hours). When the tide rises, the wind is usually stronger.  In the summer kite season the full moon usually affects the wind conditions in Kalpitiya considerably and for about 3-4 days before and after a full moon there is usually no wind.

Kitesurfing in winter season

Months of December, January and Febrary there is also a very good wind in Sri Lanka. This season is shorter than summer season and we have wind in the afternoons! During this  kitesurfing season you will be able to kite from 11-12pm approx to  evening. Winter time is the best season to organise different activities in the morning, like a safari or go diving and kite in the afternoon

In this season that stretches from ending December to beginning of March the sea is calm and it’ s the best moment to go scuba diving in Kalpitiya, snorkeling, or go to watch dolphins or whales, so if it’ s not windy you can do many other activities. There is also the year-round option of scheduling a safari at Wilpattu National Park or visiting the sacred city of Anuradhapura, since they are quite close to Kalpitiya. Oh yeah! You have 9 months of wind a year to enjoy the best wind in Sri Lanka and the most famous and impressive sacred cities and national parks! 

 Off season

Unfortunately, from middle of March to May the wind is not good in Kalpitiya although you may find some good wind in the south coast of Sri Lanka. If you are lucky, it is possible kitesurfing in Sri Lanka in April due to the thermal winds on the south coast. By the other hand, from October to middle December is the worst season for a kite trip in Sri Lanka becase there is no wind and it is rainning almost everywhere in the country!





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