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Best kitesurfers in the world

Kitesurfing is meditation. Yes, you heard us right! It keeps you in the present. You strike an element of balance amidst two natural forces — wind and water. Fly - Surf - Sail — All these three experiences combined into one exhilarating activity — Kitesurfing. The...

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How long it takes to learn kitesurf?

A Guide to the Time it Takes to Learn to Kite   Apart from the thoroughly mind-soothing experience that kitesurfing brings along, it makes for one of the most effective sports for toning the body. In addition to that, it is regarded as good for enhancing coordination...

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kitesurfing vs surfing. Which one is better?

One of the first questions to cross someone's mind who is considering whether to take up kitesurfing vs. surfing is, "Which one is better?" While both sports are incredibly rewarding, neither is particularly easy to learn. Learning Kitesurfing Vs. Surfing The...

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