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Learn how to bodydrag

HOW TO BODY DRAG KITESURFING The Body Drag is one of the essential techniques of kitesurf and it is not only important to know it and practice it in the beginning, this technique is also used for more advanced riders to try new tricks without taking many risks. For...

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WHERE DUOTONE KITES ARE MADE? Have you ever wondered where the kites you use are made? How is a kite made? In an attempt to answer these and other questions, our friends from Windsuf Spain decided to travel  to the factory from which the kites that Duotone...

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Kitesurfing in the Dream Spot Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka

Dream Spot Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka: When I replied to the wind “Yes, I do” My name is Kim. I would call myself quite a traveller but what I experienced in the Dream Spot in Kalpitiya, Sri Lanka in 2019 was out of comparison with any other travels I‘ve made so far. All...

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Hi! kitesurfing lovers!

Kalpitiya, the best wind for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka Kalpitiya is a destination for Kitesurfers that's growing at a really fast pace, and it's just that this place gets everyone's attention. Although more and more people come to do some kitsurfing every day, mass...

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