kalpitiya - Sri Lanka


Dream spot: the perfect kitesurfing spot in Kalpitiya!

There are few spots in the world so authentic as the Dream spot. Sri Lanka offers many hideaways for kitesurfing and among all of them the Dream spot is one of the best!

Dream spot kitesurfing location!

The Dream Spot is a magnificent kite location, closer to Kalpitiya than Vella Island and Ippantivu Island. It takes about 20 minutes by boat from Kalpitiya to the Dream Spot, a place where you can kite all year long. The Dream Spot is also a flatwater location, perfect for those who want to learn and progress in the world of kitesurfing. In this spot, there is no tourist infrastructure, but many kite schools in Kalpitiya organize kite trips with their clients and students. The good thing about the Dream Spot, which other locations lack, is that you can sail in the two kite seasons of Sri Lanka: both in the winter and the summer season. During the summer months, while in Kalpitiya the wind can get rough depending on the day, there is always a very clean wind at the Dream Spot. The Dream Spot is also one of the best spots for kitesurfing if you are a beginner, as the kiting conditions are side-shore


Kite trips in summer season

* Leaving time from Kalpitiya lagoon,  Need to be ready at 9:00 AM.

* Lunch in our kitesurfing hut in Dream spot. Comming back to Kalpitiya around 16pm

Kite trips winter season

* Leaving time from Kalpitiya around 11 PM.

* Lunch in our beach hut at Dream Spot

* Comming back to Kalpitiya around 17 pm


* Kite guide

* Lunch & soft drinks

* Safety boat

* Photo session (under request)

Price: 35 eur /person