Negombo beach kite

Kitesurfing in Negombo beach! 

Negombo beach is the nearest kite spot that you can find from the international airport. During some days the wind is very good for kitesurfing, specially from December to March. Kitesurfing in Negombo is the perfect option for those who have no time to travel up to Kalpitiya.

Negombo beach location

Negombo beach, situated near the airport, is a prominent tourist destination, renowned for its resorts, vibrant atmosphere, and social life, making it the second-largest city after Colombo. Unlike Kalpitiya, Negombo boasts numerous resorts, bustling beachfront pufs, and easy access to a variety of social activities. Kitesurfers can conveniently find beachfront resorts for kite launching and landing within walking distance.

However, the wind conditions in Negombo differ from Kalpitiya. During the summer season, when Kalpitiya enjoys a robust 25 knots, Negombo experiences winds around 16-18 knots. In the winter season, the wind in Negombo is relatively similar to Kalpitiya, but it lacks the flat waters found in Kalpitiya’s lagoons

Kitesurfing conditions in Negombo beach

In Negombo, Sri Lanka, the wind conditions vary between seasons. During the summer season, the wind is stronger, leading to rough ocean conditions, making it less ideal for beginners. In contrast, the winter season brings calm mornings and choppy afternoons, with thermal winds similar to those experienced in Kalpitiya.

Negombo holds significance as an important city in Sri Lanka, housing the country’s main international airport. When the wind is favorable, kitesurfers can be spotted in the water. Despite having approximately 5 knots less wind than Kalpitiya, Negombo is a suitable spot for kitesurfing at sea. The city, known for its tourist attractions, often serves as the starting point for many tourists.