Negombo beach kite

Kitesurfing in Negombo beach! 

Negombo beach is the nearest kite spot that you can find from the international airport. During some days the wind is very good for kitesurfing, specially from December to March. Kitesurfing in Negombo is the perfect option for those who have no time to travel up to Kalpitiya.

Negombo beach location

Negombo beach is a famous tourist destination. Due to its proximity to the airport, Negombo is the second biggest city after Colombo capital and contrary of Kalpitiya, Negombo beach is full of resorts , many pufs and social life. You can find easily a nice beachfront resort where you can launch and land your kite at walking distance. The wind though is not so good as it is in Kalpitiya. In summer season, when we celebrate 25 knots perfectly in Kalpitiya, you get around 16-18 in Negombo beach. In winter season the wind is quite similar than Kalpitiya but without the flat waters of Kalpitiya lagoons

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Kitesurfing conditions in Negombo beach


In summer season, the wind blows stronger than in winter season. During the summer season the ocean is very rough and it is not the best time to jump into the water if you are a beginner… Winter season, the ocean is calm in the morning and choppi in the afternoon, when the wind picks up (The same thermal winds we have in Kalpitiya)

Negombo is quite an important city in Sri Lanka as it is where the country’s main international airport is located, and when the wind blows you can also see some kites on the water. In Negombo the wind is always approximately 5 knots less than in Kalpitiya. Despite not having as much wind as in Kalpitiya, it’s a spot where you can kitesurf at sea. The city of Negombo is very touristy and is usually the starting point for many tourists.