Kitesurfing in South Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing on the beaches southern Sri Lanka

If you a kitesurfing lover, then Sri Lanka is your destination. It is true that the best kite spots are located in Kalpitiya peninsula, however, you will also find in south of Sri Lanka some beaches where you can kite in a windy day. The main kitesurfing season in south Sri Lanka is in winter, where you will find light wind in the afternoons (not every day like in Kalpitiya though). During summer season (off tourism season) you can also find days with very strong winds (up to 30 knots), however, during this time , the wind is comming with rain and very strong currents (the ocean is quite rough)

Ahangama and the beaches east of Tangalle are the best for kitesurfing

From Colombo to the beaches located in south you can take a highway to Galle (it takes around 2 hours) Once in Galle you can drive all the coast east direction. Just before Weligama, you will find Ahangama, a great spot where the wind comes in a perfect direction for kitesurfing!

Kitesurfing conditions in Ahangama and Tangalle



Sri Lanka’s southern beaches are the best known and you will generally find more tourists than in the rest of the country. Unlike Kalpitiya, there is more social life, hotels and restaurants than in the north of the country. There are beaches like Ahangama or Weligama that when it’s windy you can kitesurf. The kitesurfing season in the south of Sri Lanka is also quite long, because the winter-spring months (December to April) get very steady thermal winds (about 12-16 knots) and in the summer months there are some days with very strong winds.  Nevertheless, because the wind is not very constant you will not find many kite camps or kite schools in the south of Sri Lanka either.


The golden sands of Medaketiya beach extend more than 3 kilometers northeast of the coastal town of Tangalle, making it the most beautiful beach in the area. Perfect for those looking for an immaculate and little crowded beach, with golden sand and powerful waves . Heading southwest there is a whole series of small bays and beaches, with good places for diving, given the richness of its seabed. On  windy days, these beaches are perfect for kitesurfing.

Other beaches like Bentota, Matara or Hikkadawa are also good spots for kitesurfing when you get the good wind and the good direction! Also, another important thing to consider when you plan to kite in south Sri Lanka is that nobody knows what is kitesurfing. Some locals they will be quite surprised so be prepared for people to look at you as if you were an alien 🙂