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MKS – Your Wing Foil school in Sri Lanka

Kalpitiya Lagoon, Margarita´s vibes and the perfect scenario for wing foiling

When considering your wing-foiling journey in Kalpitiya, MKS is a top choice. We are dedicated to providing you with top-notch instruction in wingfoiling techniques, all within a professional, enjoyable, and welcoming atmosphere during your wing foil holidays 

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Why learning wing foiling with MKS?


  • The calm waters of Kalpitiya Lagoon offer an ideal setting for winging lessons. Moreover, the lagoon boasts sufficient depth for foiling.
  • Our kite and wing foil center is conveniently situated right at the Kalpitiya Lagoon, providing immediate access to wing foiling sessions.
  • With its tropical climate, consistent winds, and a unique atmosphere, Sri Lanka stands out as one of the premier destinations for a memorable wing foiling holiday

We love wing foiling, that’s why we’ve created a unique wing foil paradise in Sri Lanka. We offer from beginner wingsurfing lessons to more advanced wingfoiling courses.

Our experienced instructors are committed to guiding you through every step of your wing-foiling journey. Using walkie-talkies, we ensure effective communication even at a distance. Practice lifting the foil effortlessly behind our boat with our dedicated wake-foil board. We offer a diverse range of wing and board sizes, catering to all weights and skill levels, starting from 165 L for complete beginners to advanced full carbon boards.

Wing foil course steps:

From the 1st to 2nd hour:


  • During the initial two hours, you’ll focus on wing control. You’ll learn how to set up the wing, understand crucial safety procedures, and acquire the skills to both fly and generate power with the wing.

From 2nd to 4th hour:


  • With a strong foundation in wing control, you’ll transition to wingsurfing in the next two hours. Here, you’ll develop the ability to balance on the board while maintaining an upwind edge.

From 4th to 6th hour:


  • You’ll master the art of taking off with the foil board and practice soaring above the water’s surface. Achieving the perfect balance and refining your pumping technique are essential components of this exciting stage.

Course Prices:


Private lessons

Wingsurfing lessons (wing + wingsurf board): 60€ /h

Wingfoiling lessons (wing + wingfoil board): 90€/ h

Semi-private lessons (2 pax)

Wingsurfing lessons (wing + wingsurf board): 80€/ h

Wingfoiling lessons (wing + wingfoil board):   120€/ h


*All lessons include wingsurf equipment , impact vest and helmet.

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Rental Prices:

Wing Foil board rental: 70€/day


The wingfoiling season in Sri Lanka lasts from May to October and from January to March, just like our kitesurfing season. You can find accurate wind forecasts on Windguru.cz or Windfinder websites.

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The flat waters of Kalpitiya Lagoon and the Dream spot are the most appropriate wing foil spots in Sri Lanka. These locations offer flat, deep water and ample space to maneuver, making them excellent places to learn and progress in wingfoiling.

learn wingfoiling in sri lanka
Kalpitiya is often considered the pearl of Sri Lanka for wind lovers. During the summer season, the area experiences strong winds that provide excellent conditions for winging throughout the day. In the winter season, you can count on steady thermal winds in the afternoon, making it a fantastic destination for year-round wingfoiling adventures.
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Frequently Asked Questions when learning wing foiling

1. I have experience in paddle surfing. Will it help me learn wing foiling?
While having experience in paddle surfing can offer an initial advantage by providing a solid sense of balance while boarding, it’s important to note that as you gain speed and the foil elevates you, you’ll need to acquire additional skills to maintain stability. This is where the guidance of a skilled wingfoil instructor becomes invaluable, as they will systematically assist you in mastering both wing and foil handling, making the learning process considerably smoother
2. What size wing do I need?
Choosing the right wing size depends on your weight and height. At Margarita Wingfoil School, we offer a variety of wings and boards to match your skill level and preferences. Typically, we use wings ranging from 3 to 6 square meters, depending on the day’s conditions
3. What board do I need?
Choosing the right board is crucial to enhance your enjoyment and facilitate the learning of fundamentals. Starting with a board that’s too small can introduce additional challenges during your learning process. That’s why, at the beginning, you will use boards with higher liters, and gradually decrease the liters based on your weight and skill level. Our stable and meticulously designed boards are intended to assist you in maintaining balance.
4. What is foil for?
The foil is the element that will make you enjoy the wing 100%. The foil is made up of several parts: the mast, the base, the fuselage, the front wing, and the rear wing. The operation is very simple, when the foil reaches a certain speed it is able to support the weight without sinking. When we start with the foil it is important that, like the board, it is the right one for our weight. The bigger the front wing and the rear wing the more stable the foil will be and the slower the speed at which it will take off. The smaller the wings, the more speed you need to make it fly and the more unstable it will be. For this reason, it is very important to start with a large foil at the beginning. As we evolve the body will ask for smaller wings to make the foil more maneuverable.
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