Have you recently encountered someone surfing the water on a foil board with a big inflatable wing in the hands? If you did, then that was wing foiling, which is the new craze among water sports fans. And if you already know about wing foiling but have yet to experience this, then continue reading out this guide, as we will also list the best wing foiling spots on the planet!

What is Wing Foiling?


Wing Foiling is all about using wind power to ride a hydrofoil board. Thanks to the giant inflatable wing, it becomes really easy to surf the waves even if the wind is normal or slow.
Since this sport involves an inflatable wing and a board, it shares many similarities with windsurfing, kitting, and surf foiling. However, this is a different type of sport despite sharing so many similarities with these other water sports.

Now let’s talk about why wing foiling is becoming so much popular among water sports participants? It is because of its quick learning curve, simplicity, safety, and availability of tons of locations.

In kitesurfing and other sports, choosing the right type of spot is very important, but with wing foiling, any body of water can get the job done. For starters, a hydrofoil is used, which creates a lift so that you can start moving with a breaking wave. Another important part is the inflatable wing foil that is specially designed to harness the power of wind & can get you moving even with a little wind.

Best Spots For Wing Foiling in the world


Do you want to have the best wing foiling experience of your life? Then you have got to try these wing foiling spots which are popular all over the world:

1. Tarifa (Spain)

Tarifa is already a famous spot for any type of surfing that involves wings, kites, and boards. And since wing foiling also involves the use of wing foil and a board, both beginners and advanced wing foiling enthusiasts can visit Tarifa to enjoy an unmatched experience.
With a big inflatable wing, you will not have much problem with surfing the waves and thus will not have a requirement for any strong wind as well.


The top 5 Wing foil destinations - Tarifa


2. Fuerteventura (Canary Island)

The next wing foiling spot on our list is Southern Fuerteventura, located on Canary Island. This place is perfect for any type of wind and water sports due to its consistent winds and flat water conditions. On top of that, different types of accommodations are also available all year round that can fit all budgets.
In July-September, the winds are usually the strongest, which makes it an ideal spot for those who want to wing foil at a fast speed. And if you just want to learn wing foil or do not want to wing foil at fast speeds, then visit any time other than the duration between July to September.

Best Wing foil spots - Fuerteventura

3. Lemnos (Greece)

Unlike most Greece beaches which are full of tourists and are always busy, Lemnos is different and almost a blessing in disguise for those who love wing foiling. The crowd is always less or normal at best, which means that there will be fewer obstructions and more wing foiling.
If we look at the water (waves) condition, you can get all types of water here, such as flat, crop, and even waves. So whether you are new to wing foiling or you are a seasoned pro, you can’t go wrong with Lemnos. Besides the ideal conditions for wing foiling, there are a lot of other benefits of choosing this spot, such as:
●Close proximity to the airport and major European cities.
●Warm & bright local culture with delicious Greek cuisine.
●Less crowded than the other wing surfing spots.
●During the summer months, it offers perfect warm water.


best wingfoiling spots in the world


4. Maui

Maui (USA) is also a famous destination among wing foiler fans and offers the best conditions as well. In fact, a lot of the famous wing foilers, such as the Spencer brothers and Kai Lenny, also choose this spot for wing foiling, which goes to show how ideal and popular it is for this sport. If you are still new to this sport, then you should go to the Kahului harbor to learn the ins and outs of this sport. And once you have enough experience and have learned a trick or two, you can go to Kanaha beach to play with the waves.

List of the top wing foil spots: MAui

5. Lake Arenal (Costa Rica)

Do you have an adventurous spirit and are a fan of wing foiling? Then the next best location on our list is Lake Arenal from Costa Rica, which is right next to the famous Arenal Volcano as well. So besides feasting your eyes on big and beautiful mountains, you can also wind foil in the ideal locations.
Arenal is roughly 1300 feet higher than sea level and is located between two mountains that act as a funnel for wind. As a result, it is normal for the wind speeds to reach 25 mph and also make big waves. If we talk about the weather, the water is usually cool, but the air is warm, which makes a perfect blend for expert wind foiling enthusiasts!
But if you are new to wing foiling, then we do not recommend this place as it is more suited for those who want fast speeds and are already skilled in wing foiling.

Lake arenal wing foil spot




As mentioned earlier, the wind is not that much of an issue in wing foiling as the large inflatable wing makes it easy to surf in even slow or moderate wind conditions. On top of that, the board also makes only minimal contact with the water, which makes it easy to enjoy longer and smoother rides.

If you want to explore more spots besides the ones mentioned above, then just choose any location that offers good wind and water conditions. In fact, any of the places which are popular for kitesurfing and other windsurfing sports will be ideal for wing foiling as well since they all share many similarities.

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