If you’re looking to do something different this year, why not try kitesurfing? This exciting sport allows you to get up close and personal with the beautiful scenery. For solo travellers, this type of outdoor activity can be an ideal way to spend your vacation because it offers many benefits of meeting new people without dealing with awkward social situations. The best part? You don’t need any special training to do it! Many destinations make great spots for both beginners and experienced kite surfers alike.

Are you looking for the best places to kite for solo travellers? Then you are in the right place because in this article we present you with the best kite destinations for solo travellers. But before we dive into the list, here are some of the benefits of travelling solo:

The Benefits of Travelling as a Kitesurfing Solo Traveller

Let’s look at the benefits of sole travelling as a kitesurfing enthusiast:

Exotic Traveling Destinations

If you are a solo traveller, then it means that you have more freedom to choose even the most exotic travelling destinations. In fact, the best spots for kitesurfing are usually located on the far away Islands and locations which can get expensive if you are bringing your whole family or travel mates.
But if you are a solo traveller, you will have more options to choose even the remotest locations for kitesurfing. Basically, you can choose any travelling destination for kitesurfing as long as it has strong winds!

Meet Interesting People

When you are travelling with a group, you usually stick together. And when you are kitesurfing, you also tend to do it along with your friends, which can limit your chances of making new friends and expanding your social circle.
On the other hand, when you are solo travelling as a kitesurfer, you will be more approachable as compared to being a part of a larger ground. Furthermore, fellow travellers and locals will also have an easier time making a connection with you!
As long as you are open and have a smile on your face, you will have no problem meeting interesting people during the kitesurfing!

Explore Yourself
Another benefit of travelling as a solo kitesurfer is that you can discover new things about yourself. As humans, we have a tendency to assume things about other human beings without actually knowing them. And we have the same tendency when it comes to ourselves as well!
But when you are kitesurfing and travelling solo, you will have a lot of time to explore yourself from the inside and get to know your real self! Travelling solo in itself is a very powerful self-exploration path, and when you combine extreme sports such as kitesurfing with it, it just opens a whole world for you!

Save Money
When you are kitesurfing, you can only go to those places which offer a friendly environment for kitesurfing with strong winds. And extreme sports such as this can easily get expensive if you are travelling with family or a group of friends!
On the other hand, you can save money when you are on a solo trip as you get to decide what to spend money on! From determining the frequency of spending to what to spend on, you make all the money decisions that ultimately help you save money!

Without further ado, let´s see the list of the top kitesurfing destinations for solo travellers:

The top 10 list with the best kitesurfing destinations for solo travellers

1- Obidos (Portugal) – Our TOP PICK

For the solo traveller, you are solo for either one of two reasons; you want to immerse in some ‘me-time’, or you’re ready to meet loads of new and interesting people. For the former, the perfectly quaint and tranquil setting will unquestionably fulfil your needs while for the latter, many kitesurfers come to visit this place and it’s a beautiful blend of Portuguese local lagoon dwellers and a mixture of travellers. You won’t find a party scene here by the lagoon, however, 20 minutes’ drive brings you to Baleal, a cute surf town, which has a nightlife scene and more hostel-type lodging in case you wanted to really be in the centre of a crowd.

Kitesurf Soul is a kite school based at Óbidos Lagoon, run by João Virgilio, a Portuguese local. Being a small business, they offer a personal and friendly vibe to all customers, and tips to anyone interested in kitesurfing at their home spot. They offer high-quality kite lessons at competitive prices which include the use of radios and a safety boat for rescues when necessary. Keeping in the spirit of supporting local businesses, they have partnered with local property owners to provide unique accommodation for those seeking a complete kitesurf and stay package.

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 2. Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka is a mix of good wind, coconut palms and local smiles. This is what awaits you in Kalpitiya. It is true that as a solo traveller, you won´t find the best nightlife here, but do not worry, fun is guaranteed! Located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya offers the solo traveller a unique and authentic experience. Meet other adventurous kiters and make new kitesurfer friends from around the world in Margarita kite center. If you also like wildlife, here you will find many wild animals such as elephants, crocodiles or leopards. But don’t worry they won’t bite you!

Discover our kite school in Kalpitiya!


3. Baja California, Mexico

 If you are interested in kitesurfing, Baja California is one of your best destinations. It is home to some great spots, but it also has a wealth of other things to do, from fine dining to whale watching. There are several spectacular places to stay as well. There’s Baja Adventures (which offers lessons) and lots of awesome food joints where you can grab a bite and hang out with friends. The whole vibe is extremely laid back! Who doesn’t want that? And suppose you want to work on your Spanish or learn more about Mexico. In that case, there are tons of amazing language schools in Cabo San Lucas where you can get private classes at an affordable price—and meet fellow language learners in a fun environment.


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4. Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Unlike other popular destinations in North Carolina, Cape Hatteras is on a secluded island. As far as kite surfing goes, it’s perfect because you don’t have to deal with big crowds and touristy prices. Check out Air Ventures tours if you can’t find any locals to travel with. They’ll take care of everything you need—from getting your accommodations lined up to teach you how to ride a kite! You’ll never feel lonely again when travelling solo. The first step is booking a flight—and fortunately, it’s easy and inexpensive to get there from most major U.S. cities.

5. Maui, Hawaii

It’s no secret that Maui is one of Hawaii’s top vacation destinations, but what you may not know is that it also happens to be a great destination for kite surfers. The season runs from March through May and September through November, which means you’ll find consistent wind throughout your trip. If a storm rolls in, the chances are that it will pass by fairly quickly—meaning you can get back out on the water shortly after any brief interruption. There are several waves and breaks to choose from throughout your stay, which means you can switch things up if you feel like exploring or have had enough time at one spot.

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6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is an ideal destination for those looking to take their kite surfing skills up a notch. With a dynamic nightlife scene, beach-filled coastline and some of South America’s most famous international music festivals, Rio offers nonstop adventure when you aren’t riding on water. But don’t worry if you are more into taking in scenic sights. From Ipanema Beach to Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio’s main attractions have plenty to offer visitors who aren’t planning on being out at sea every day.

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7. Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

While most people picture kitesurfing as a sport, you need to have others with you, and you can find the group or even solo kitesurfing tours available in Zanzibar. While it might not be directly on your top 10 kitesurf destination list, Zanzibar is an incredible place to visit any time of year (and would certainly make its way onto our list of top places in Tanzania). It’s a wonderful island and quite tourist-friendly with wonderful beaches and plenty of things to do. Look no further than Zanzibar Island if you want a great mix between kitesurfing and an amazing beach holiday.

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8. Sotavento, Fuerteventura

Looking for a vacation where you can work on your tan and improve your kiting skills simultaneously? Look no further than Sotavento, Fuerteventura. The winds are steady and consistent throughout the year, so there’s no bad time to visit. You can rent out a small apartment or stay in one of the many hotels nearby. There are also plenty of beaches where you can lay out a towel, which is about as luxurious as it gets when camping on sand. If you’re travelling with your board, renting gear here shouldn’t cost much more than anywhere else—and if it does, that could be a good indication that you should shop around before committing to anything long-term.

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9. Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is a fantastic place to go on a kitesurfing vacation. There are plenty of windy days, making it perfect for those who want to maximize their time at sea. As one of Africa’s most popular travel destinations, Cape Town attracts tourists who are looking to spend their vacations in a truly luxurious location. Since there are so many popular spots that people head to when they come here, you won’t have trouble finding other kitesurfers and instructors and rental locations. Additionally, Cape Town has plenty of great amenities you will want in any vacation spot, including luxury hotels and gorgeous views from almost anywhere you look. It is no wonder that so many solo travellers head here!


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10. Gokova Bay, Turkey

Turkey is a hot spot in Europe for kite surfing, and Gokova Bay (part of a larger Gulf) is no exception. The water here varies from crystal clear blue to warm turquoise. You’ll find some nice little cafes dotted along the coast that offer refreshing drinks on hot summer days. The village isn’t too big either, which means you won’t get lost when venturing off in search of food and drink; nor will you feel overwhelmed with tourists. One great bonus of visiting Turkey is how easy it is to enter: as long as you have a valid passport and proof that you have sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay, entry into Turkey isn’t difficult at all!



We have done the hard yards for you, ranking these kite surf spots for your convenience. Hopefully, this guide will make your solo travel experience that much better.