If there’s one sport that can enthral your senses and make you feel more attached to the beautiful nature, it’s kitesurfing. The kitesurfing community is moving towards a new goldmine for surfing. Asia, though underrated, is home to some of the best kitesurfing spots. From the Indian Ocean bound Sri Lanka to serene Thailand, Asia is a growing paradise for kiters. And the thing is that Asia holds some of the best kite spots in the world.

When we talk about the best kitesurfing destinations worldwide, it most often comes in mind the Caribbean beaches and the great African kiteboarding destinations. However, let us tell you that in Asia, you will find some of the most unique and authentic kite spots that you could ever imagine.

For this reason, we have created a guide to help you find your next kitesurfing spot in Asia. But before going deep into our list, let’s give you some good reasons why Asian kite spots are rated on the top of the best kite spots worldwide.



Good reasons why you should pay a visit to Asian kiteboarding destinations


If you are a wind seeker and you are thinking about kiteboarding around the world, then you should mark some of the Asian kite locations in your calendar.

Apart from the impressive wind statistics and its terrific scenarios to learn kiteboarding, down here, we give you some other good reasons why the kitesurfing spots in Asia are the prefered among many kiters.

* Authentic cultures and friendly people. A kite trip to Asia is a blend of adventure and relaxation. Kitesurfing adrenaline mix with the peace of the authenticity of these fantastic kite destinations. Furthermore, in most of the Asiatic kite locations, you feel welcome from day number 1.  You feel the warmth and friendship of its people

*Breathtaking landscapes. Asia holds some of the most dreamy landscapes in the world. From the Sri Lankan tea estates  to the Thailand jungle Valleys and the Indonesian coral reefs

* Terrific food. Yet you haven´t heard about Asian food? Asian recipes are among the best in the world. And of course, the food is super spicy! be prepared for your mouth to burn

* Very safe. Last but not least, you will always feel secure in these countries. Asian cultures are very peaceful and friendly, especially with foreigners. Kitesurfing in Asia is always safe 🙂

We hope we have given you some good reasons to mark Asia in your next kiteboarding trip. Now let’s see what are the most authentic and extreme Asian kiteboarding destinations

Best places to kitesurf in Asia – List of the 10 best kitesurf destinations in Asia

1. Vella Island, the number 1 kite spot in Asia

An exquisite flatwater spot to start with. Vella Island is a place far away from the bustling cities. Nearly 30 km away from Kalpitiya, this place is an ideal destination for those who love the calm waters for a profound kiteboarding experience. Given the consistent winds and predictable weather, Vella Island is simply the best spot for your next kiting holiday in Asia

Best time to visit – May to October

Note: Vella Island is ideal for intermediates and experienced riders. Not suitable for beginners 

+ Pros: perfect spot with butter flat water. Wind average 25-30 knots

            really authentic and unspoiled kite spot

– Cons: You have to get a boat to Vella Island and it is about 45 min away from Kalpitiya

             Seashells on shore

Besides Vella Island, Sri Lanka has many other wild kite spots!  >>>  Discover kitesurfing in Sri Lanka with Margarita kite school

2. Mui Ne, Vietnam – the best kite spot in Vietnam

A tiny coastal town in Vietnam, Mui Ne is a go-to place for many in the kiting community. It is growing in popularity for its rock-free waters and beautiful weather. The 15 km stretch is often crowded with beginners learning to kitesurf. However, the strong winds here entice the professionals too. If you are looking for a great place to kite in Asia, Mui Ne should be in your list

Best time to visit – November to March

Note: Mui Ne caters to everyone. Beginner or experienced, you are bound to have a great surfing experience.

+ Pros: excellent kitesurfing atmosphere & many restaurants and pubs

– Cons: wave breaking on the shore that makes it a nightmare for beginners

            sometimes you can find fishing nets on the spot

3. Boracay, a kiteboarding gem in the Philippines

One of the well-known Kiteboarding spots in Asia is Boracay. The warmth of the place, coupled with choppy waters, makes it an excellent spot for surfers. With reliable winds, Boracay is a place of sheer beauty.

Best time to visit – November to March

Note: The warm turquoise waters are ideal for intermediate surfers. However, a beginner can enrol in one of the many kiting schools to kickstart their surfing journey.

+ Cons: Lots of kite schools, resorts and kitesurfing atmosphere

– Cons:  It can be too crowded in the high season

             Small area to land & launch due to the beach erosion

4. Kalpitiya lagoon, the spot to learn kitesurf in Sri Lanka

The crowd’s favourite, Kapitiya, is Sri Lanka’s major kiting hub for many years now. Having hosted international competitions with Kiteboard Tour Asia, its crystal-clear waters are a treat for kitesurfers. Kalpitiya lagoon is by far the best kite spot in Asia to learn kitesurf. The consistent winds and shallow water are a perfect combination for beginners  to enjoy.

Best time to visit – May to September and December to March

Note: The shallow waters of the Kalpitiya lagoon are the best for beginners to learn.

+ Pros: Best place to learn kitesurf in Asia: Flat and shallow water

             Possibility to make day kite trips to Dream Spot and Vella Island 

– Cons: In summer season the wind can be a little bit gusty

Learn more about kitesurfing in Kalpitiya lagoon

5. Lombok, a hidden spot in Indonesia

The island of Lombok is a growing destination for kiting. The lagoon conditions are the best for surfers. With an average wind speed of 15-20 knots, Lombok is a must-try destination for surfers.

Alongside Bali, Lombok is growing as a kiting spot for surfers worldwide. With serene nature and reliable winds, make a note of Lombok while planning for your next kiting holiday.

Best time to visit – May to August

Note: Lombok caters to all kite surfers, irrespective of experience level.

+ Pros: Very authentic kite spot

– Cons: Not many facilities around

            Fishing nets on the spot

            In low tide kitesurfing is not possible

6. Siargao, the baby spot in the Philippines

In comparison to Boracay, Siargao is known lesser to the kiting community. However, the island is an ideal destination with a wide lagoon enticing surfers from across the world.  The locals are amiable and welcoming as they teach kitesurfing to beginner surfers. With consistent weather and predictable winds, Siargao is growing in popularity. The crowd is minimal, yet the conditions are pristine and offer the best of circumstances for surfers.

Best time to visit – November to March

Note: Siargao has a couple of spots for every experience level. General Luna Lagoon is the best for beginners to learn the kiting craft. North Cantangnan is a place for intermediate and advanced surfers to flaunt their skills.

Pros: Less crowded than Boracay

Cons: More difficult to get to this island

7. Koh Phangan, Thailand

Often termed as Thailand’s kitesurfing paradise—Koh Phagan is a place that just cannot be skipped when talking about the top kitesurfing destinations in Asia. From facilitating stunning views to providing the kite surfers with essential staying facilities, Koh Phagan makes itself an all-encompassing kitesurfing destination. What’s interesting is that this place is relatively cheaper than most of the places on this list.

Best time to visit – December to March & May to September

Note: The not-so-crowded atmosphere of this place makes it suitable for beginners. However, there’s everything that professionals will also relish

Pros: Many infraestructure

Cons:  Very light wind

8. Hua Hin, the most authentic kite spot in Thailand

If Koh Phangan is the paradise, Hua Hin is the most popular. Well, you just can’t get away with the utmost enjoyment in Thailand, can you? Both in terms of weather conditions and amenities, Hua Hin is a one-stop-shop for kite surfers.

Best time to visit – November to February

Note: During March and April, the overall conditions of the place are quite good. This, in combination with mellow water conditions, makes Hua Tin a go-to place for professionals and beginners alike.

+ Pros: Much tourist facilities

– Cons:  The wind sometimes is too light & hard to learn

9. Mannar, an untouched kitesurfing spot in Asia 

There’s a reason why we included Mannar in this list, and that reason corresponds to serenity and the kiss of nature. Well, it is one of the spots in Sri Lanka where you would find peace courtesy of the fact that it is away from the otherwise crowded locations.

Best time to visit – May to October & January to March

Note: Since it is a relatively newer place to have been discovered, it is more suited to those more adventurers. Things, however, can change significantly in the future when more facilities are available.


+ Pros: Many km of butter flat water

– cons:  Far from the airport.

            Low tide can last a long time. During those days better to go to the second and third islands where the water is not so shallow

10. Penghu Island, the kiteboarding hotspot in Taiwan

Penghu island may not be the best kite spot in Asia, however, it is the ideal place to kitesurf, in case you plan your next trip to Taiwan. The reason for this can be attributed to consistent winds calmly blowing over the sea, making kiteboarding an eventful sport. Great waves further complement the excellent wind conditions.

Best time to visit – April to October

Note: Although beginners are welcomed at this place, it is more suited to professional kite

Tips and advice when kitesurfing in Asia


The destinations mentioned above are excellent kitesurfing destinations. However, you have to take into account some recommendations so that your trip does not turn into a nightmare.

* Be aware of the monsoon season. Do not travel to these destinations in rainy and hurricane seasons. And much less, do not think about jumping into the water with bad weather

* Stay away from local non-kitesurfers. Keep in mind that kitesurfing is relatively new in most of the forehead destinations. Many locals do not understand the danger of this sport. In an emergency, you cannot rely on local help either.

* Have adequate accident insurance that covers extreme sports. If whatever reason you end up in a private hospital, you better have good accident coverage if you don’t want to lose all your savings

* Don’t risk too much. At our school, kite accidents often come from experienced kiters. Keep in mind that there are spots like Vella Island, where the closest hospital is an hour and a half away.

* Tell in advance to your friends and family where are you planning to kiteboard.

* Travel with new or semi-new kite equipment. If you can afford it, travel with several kites too. Many of the above Asian spots do not have a proper kite infrastructure. In the event of a break or puncture of your equipment, you will not easily find spare parts. You haven’t travelled so far to end up on the beach with useless equipment, right?

In a Nutshell

While there are some very touristy destinations in Asia like Boracay or Mui Né, there are other Asian kiteboarding destinations to discover like Mannar or Lombok. Whether in tourist destinations or unspoiled kite locations, kiteboarding in Asia is guaranteed! Do you already know what your next kite destination in Asia will be?

Asia promotes profound kitesurfing experience. So, for the next trip that you place, ensure that you choose the correct spot for your kitesurfing endeavours.