Best places in the world to kite in flat water

Be it surfing over the clearest of waters or performing gravity-defying stunts near the dock, kitesurfing, and its adrenaline boost is unrivalled. A passionate alliance of wind and water, kitesurfing provides inexpressible freedom for people.

If you’re a kitesurfer, you would know how it showcases innate traits like minimalism, patience and balance. And definitely, lagoons and flatwater kite spots would be your favourite. After all, they provide consistent winds and buttery water, making up for a favourable kitesurfing destinations for many people.

This guide will help you to decide your next flatwater kite destination as we have highlighted what we consider the 10 best in the world. Meanwhile, if you are a beginner,  maybe you are also interested about what are the best spots to learn kite in the world


Flatwater spots vs wave spots

Before we going deep into the list, let´s see why flatwater spots are considered among the best kite spots in the world…

Well, for those who are in the first steps of kitesurfing, the absence of waves in flat water is helping a lot, specially during the waterstart.  There are no waves or big currents that can make you being unbalanced.   If you are learning how to kite, we recommend you to choose a flatwater spot rather than a wave spot and that´s simply because a flatwater spot makes everything easier when we talk about controlling the kite and balancing on the water. By the other hand, those who are more advanced will find the flatwater destinations the perfect locations to master their tricks.  With all of that, we are not saying that wave spots are worst than flatwater spots. Everybody has their own preferences when it comes about kitesurfing 🙂 But for sure if you are new on the spot or you want to improve new tricks, wave spots are not for you

With all of that, what makes then the perfect flatwater kite destination? Well, we consider that the best flatwater kitesurfing destinations in the world are the ones that have something to offer for everyone. From a beginner who is learning to the advanced who is flaunting his noseslide. Normally, a delightful mixture of a picturesque, postcard-worthy scene, dreamy, unspoiled beaches, flat and shallow water with pleasant weather and excellent wind conditions make the ideal flatwater spot

In reality however, it is almost impossible to find all the aforementioned features in one.  Every flatwater kiteboarding spot has slightly different conditions, while it’s true, that we consider all the spots below some of the best in the world when we talk about kitesurfing in flat water.

Without further ado, let’s surf into the best flatwater kitesurfing spots in the world!



Down here we have enumerated what are the best flatwater kite spots in the world! We hope this guide will help you when choosing your next flatwater kite destination

1. Vella Island – Sri Lanka

Vella Island is the Queen of the Crown  when we talk about kitesurfing in flat water! Strong and consistent winds from May to September (from 20 to 30 knots depending on the day) and lighter winds from January to March (from 14 to 20 knots) . Vella island holds a huge area of flat water and t is located on the Northwest coast of Sri Lanka. Here you can experience the freedom of being in the middle of nowhere with the best consistent wind ever.  Did you hear about the great champions like Mikaili Sol kiting in Sri Lanka? Yes, this is the spot. And that´s because Vella Island never disappoint anyone.

In order to get Vella Island, you should get a boat from Kalpitiya, another great flatwater destination. Actually, one of the most exotic kitesurfing spots in Asia is Kalpitiya along the mighty Indian Ocean. It’s famous for the flat, shallow lagoon where beginners can have loads of fun. We consider Kalpitiya lagoon the best spot for beginners in Asia and Vella Island the best spot for advanced riders in the world. Moreover, a part from Vella Island and Kalpitiya lagoon, there are other interesting kite spots in Sri Lanka that you cannot miss.  Take a look into our guide with the top kite spots in Sri Lanka

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2. Los Roques, Venezuela

Los Roques is also on the top of our list due to its breathtaking kitesurfing conditions. This archipelago located in the Caribbean and just 45 min flight from Caracas, also holds a dreamy conditions for kitesurfing. The steady and not excessively strong winds, flatwater and warm temperatures throughout the year have made this place one of the best destinations to kite in the world, as well as not being a particularly crowded destination. There are many islands that offer unlimited possibilities and conditions whatever your level is.

There are around 40 spots where you can enjoy the trade winds. Among all these spots we want to remark the next 2 spots where you will find flat and buttery water:

– Francisqui is one of the best spots for kitesurfing in Los Roques. It is a set of three islands, very close to the Gran Roque, which make up a small lagoon.  Here you will normally find off-shore winds

– Crasqui.  This spot is located southwest of Gran Roque, about 30 minutes away by boat.  Hold your breath cause here you will find white sand beaches and flat water (it is like kitesurfing in paradise). The wind direction in this spot is also off-shore.

Best spots to kitesurf in flat water in the planet

3. Drepano – Greece

Kitesurfing spots in Greece are underrated, that´s why why have ranked it on the third position. Drepano is a dream for freestyle and flatwater lovers. Crystal clean water, predictable winds and easy accessibility make Drepano a must-visit place for kitesurfers.

Adding on, kitesurfing spots in Greece are uncrowded for most of the year. June to September are the best months to go kitesurfing. With some of the best seafood cuisines and point break waves, let’s get Drepano on your bucket list.

4. Jericocoara, Brazil

Jericoacoara is a beach located on the northeast coast of Brazil, about 400 km west of Fortaleza. It has a privileged geographical location when it comes to kitesurfing. And that´s because this spot is located in one f the windiest places in the world, thanks to the fact that the winds that come from Africa strike directly into the Northeast Brazilean coastline and intensify here. The main spot for kitesurfing is located next to the famous “Pôr do Sol” Dune. It is a bay that offers clean wind and flat water and it is just 10-minute by walk from Jericoacoara downtown. Honestly, it is completely worth to mark Jericoara as a top flatwater kite destination

5 – El Gouna, Egypt

El Gouna, our TOP PICK flatwater african kite spot in Africa and probably one of the best places to learn kite in the world.   El Gouna is a fairly new kind of big village, with a rather funny architecture. On the other hand, do not expect a very authentic setting (luxury and all-inclusive hotels are everywhere here) As on many kite spots in Egypt, the water is flat, shallow and with regular wind (side onshore). The famous beach is called  Mangroovy Beach, north of the village. The spot is huge which allows easy learning for beginners and a good area of improvement for experienced.  In short, this destination has all the merits to appear on our list

6. Langebaan , South Africa 

Capetown is rightly at the top of the best spots for kitesurfing and hosts the “Big Air championship” organised by Red Bull every year. Though the conditions are conducive for kitesurfing throughout the year, November to March tends to be the best time.

Also, you can rely on Capetown’s winds to never give up on you. Consistent winds and fantastic food, what else do you need? Furthermore, very near from Capetown, Langebaan is one of our favourite flatwater kite locations in the world

Located on the west coast of South Africa and just 1.5h from Cape Town, Langebaan offers a unique flatwater spot in its lagoon and Saldahna Bay. Here you will find a huge lagoon where you can kite very safely, with turquoise waters and strong wind, sometimes a bit gusty, but in general a great spot.

Langebaan is located 1.5 hours from Cape Town and can be reached by road, which is the shortest way by the coast, from where you will enjoy unique views and landscapes. You also have the option to go by a highway , but the road gets longer and it won’t be worth it.

7. Le Morne – Mauritius

One of the most sought-after stops for kitesurfing is Mauritius. Its trademark spot is Le Morne, a beautiful flatwater lagoon at the foot of the Le Morne Brabant mountain.

A comforting spot for beginners to learn, Le Morne and its endless beaches are a treat for surfers. The best months to visit would be from May to September. Calm waters or big waves, Le Morne, has it all. This destination is probably the best choice for whoever wants to combine some nice sessions in flat water with some adrenaline surfing the best waves ever

Pack your bags, kitesurfers. Le Morne is waiting with its soothing sceneries and warm water.

8 – Dakhla – Morocco

About 20 or 30 minutes by car from Dakhla´s downtown, there is a huge lagoon with unbeatable conditions for  kitesurfing: flatwater and free of obstacles. It is the perfect flatwater destination for beginners or for those who want to get new tricks in buttery water. In addition, for those “wave lovers” there are numerous spots with waves, outside the lagoon.

The desert climate offers good temperatures and reliable winds practically all year round with a constant force 4-6 in the winter months and up to force 7-8 in summer. And all this in a spectacular natural setting still unspoiled, ideal to disconnect from the world.

9. Safety Bay – Australia

Want to stay far from the urban life and kitesurf in utmost peace? Well, Safety Bay is calling for you. Also known as ‘The Pond’, this spot is a haven for kitesurfers.

‘The Pond’ is a perfect flatwater spot for the experts to surf freestyle and exhibit their tricks. However, on the ocean side, Safety Bay provides for a great learning experience for beginners with steady winds.

Your escape from the busy, at times chaotic urban life to tranquillity at Safety Bay will be best scheduled from September to March.

10.  Cumbuco – Brazil

Last, but certainly not least, are the great flatwater lagoons around Cumbuco.  Professional kitesurfers consider Cumbuco as a prime spot for kitesurfing. This lively fishing village enjoys strong and consistent winds all year round. The beach allows for both beginners and pros to surf at ease.

With an endless number of lagoons, Cumbuco can be your destination to start kitesurfing. The Brazilian culture and food light up the vibe and well, you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss this great flatwater kitesurfing destination.

Here below you have the most authentic flatwater lagoons around Cumbuco:

   * Cauipe Lagoon: Cauipe is probably the most famous one and it is very near from Cumbuco ( just 5 km) . This lagoon is quickly accessible by buggy or even downwind from Cumbuco beach.

   * Taiba:  another outstanding flatwater lagoon located 25km away from Cumbuco. The easiest way to get there is to go along the beach in a buggy. A downwind trip is possible but it would take almost all day. This lagoon is larger than the one in Cauipe.

   *Paracurú: This spot is farder from Cumbuco than the other 2, about 40km away, however it is worthy to discover it. Again, the fastest way to get there is with a buggy by the beach.  The spot itself is awesome:  a breathtaking flatwater lagoon is created at low tide and whoever wants to can go to the reef in search of waves. It also has a huge “chiringuito” with a relaxing area to rest and to set up the equipment.


Other alternative options to kite in flat & choppy water

Apart from the above best 10 flatwater kite destinations, check out down here 3 more recommendations where you will find flat or choppy water depending on the day. The next kite spots may not have the best scenary like the above spots, however, with the good conditions and proper wind direction you will find them a  very friendly spots for kiting

. Tarifa – Spain 

The renowned kitesurfing spot of Europe, Tarifa is a spot of bliss for kitesurfers. With consistent winds all throughout the year, Tarifa is the place to be.

Though the destination is busy across the year, the endless beaches provide you with enough options to surf. If you’re planning on taking a plunge, May to September will be the best time.

Hood River – USA

Known as the ‘Windsurfing Capital of the World’, Hood River places itself in the list with really consistent winds. Lots of events and sports actions also take place, so if you’re into activities, you should definitely schedule your visit accordingly. 

May to Septemeber is a go-to season for most kitesurfers. However, you can visit in other seasons to have a nice surfing experience on a less-crowded beach.

. Phuket – Thailand

Thailand beaches and kitesurfing have hitched really well. Phuket is one of the favourite kitesurfing spots for enthusiasts. Laid-back conditions, the warm breeze just enhances the light mood of Phuket.

Although the wind conditions in Thailand are not as strong as for example in Sri Lanka,, it is amongst the best kitesurfing destinations for beginners to learn. The best time to plan your visit to Phuket will be either between November and February or June and September.

In a nutshell….

Kitesurfing is one of those sports that work in favour of bringing out the enthusiasm in humans. While many water games enthral the senses, this one’s a class apart and, as kitesurfers, you would relate to this feeling.

For this reason, we ensured that we covered almost all the best flatwater kitesurfing spots in the world for you. From ‘The Pond’ to the ‘Windsurfing Capital of the World’, the above list will guide you to the best of kitesurfing endeavours. Asia, Europe or America, you’re not far away from a kickass spot for flat water kitesurfing.

Let us know if this article assisted you in choosing your next holiday kitesurfing spot. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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