Jump off the couch and squeeze spring into some of the best kitesurfing spots in June!


June means summertime no matter which country you check, and as a result, the number of available kitesurfing spots becomes less! With a rise in temperature, many spots also turn into no-wind zones, or the wind becomes so weak that one can’t even kitesurf!
However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stop kitesurfing… Even in the month of June, there are numerous spots that offer great winds, such as Kalpitiya from Sri Lanka, Mauritius, and even the Mediterranean Sea!
During June, all the schools and educational institutes are closed due to the summer holidays. With the sun out and pretty much everyone in holiday mode, life can slow down… In a situation like this, you can bring the fun back to life by booking a trip to the best kitesurfing destinations June!
Those who love kitesurfing already know this sport is a passionate alliance between water and wind, which boosts one with adrenaline and freedom! So despite being summertime and even fewer kitesurfing spots, do not let it stop you from living life to the fullest and surfing the waves to find true freedom!
But before we look at the best kite spots in June, let’s take a moment to figure out why it is a good idea to go kitesurfing during summertime:

Kitesurfing in June: 4 Reasons to Go?


Let’s look at the top 4 reasons why you should go kitesurfing in June:

1. Enjoy the summer

With everyone spending the summer holidays at home, what fun is it anyway! But you can bring the fun back to summer by going kitesurfing at some of the most exotic locations in the world!
Life slows down with the summer holidays, but it doesn’t mean that you also have to slow down… There are quite a lot of kitesurfing spots out there that offer good wind and water during June!

2. Family Vacation

June is also the month when kids get a break from school in the form of summer holidays. This availability and free time mean that you can go to an exotic kitesurfing spot with the entire family and make unforgettable memories! Normally, it is usually not possible for the whole family to go on vacation, but in the month of June, you can book a vacation!

3. Peak Vacation Season

From June to August, people tend to book their vacations in different places… Some go out sightseeing, while others tend to seek warmer countries to enjoy the sun and amazing beaches. But what if I told you that you could make the yearly vacation something special for you and even the whole family?
By booking a flight to one of the famous kitesurfing spots in June, you can get exposure to an experience unlike any other! Although you might have to book flights and accommodations in advance, you will be able to enjoy June as you have never before!

4. Plenty of Options
During June, the number of available spots for kitesurfing becomes limited, but that doesn’t mean that you are left with no options… In fact, there are numerous spots out there that offer kitesurfing throughout the year, even including the month of June.
For example, Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka) is a great spot filled with a lot of resorts, amazing beaches, and great winds. And besides kitesurfing, Kalpitiya also has a lot to offer for the whole family, from sightseeing to water sports and even snorkeling!

Are you a beginner? Then you may be interested in our list with the best flatwater spots and the best spots where to learn kitesurfing worldwide


Top Kitesurfing places in June


Wondering where to kitesurfing in June? Have a look at our list of best kitesurfing destinations June:

1. Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka)

The beauty of this spot in Sri Lanka is that it remains available for kitesurfing during both the summer and the winter seasons! This is the sole reason which makes it such a great kite destination all over the world!
For kitesurfing, the most important requirement out of all is the presence of consistent and strong winds – And in Kalpitiya, you get strong winds whether it is winter season or a month of summer such as June.
Furthermore, the presence of flat, shallow water and plenty of safety boats at this spot makes it a prime place for learning to kitesurf. So if you are a learner, then you can also easily find quite a lot of kitesurfing schools in this area too!
And while you are not kitesurfing, there is also a lot to do and check in the Kalpitiya, such as snorkeling, water sports, resorts, beaches, and so on.
If you are going for kitesurfing with the whole family, then once again, the best spot to visit is Kalpitiya, as it can keep the whole family entertained.
As for the wind speed in Kalpitiya during the summer season (June), it is between the 18 – 30 knots range. And this wind speed remains consistent for pretty much the entire day (24 hours).

where to kitesurfing in June - Kalpitiya


2. Fortaleza (Brazil)

Brazil is also another great country to visit during June, as it remains windy throughout the summer season. So if you are someone who just loves kitesurfing and wants to make the month of June more exciting, then you should visit Fortaleza! And once you are in Brazil, you do not have to limit yourself to just Fortaleza since this country offers numerous kitesurfing spots!
One of the beauties of visiting Fortaleza (Brazil) is that it makes you forget about the rest of the world – You just go out kitesurfing, eat, sleep, and repeat again! And in-between this routine, you can also enjoy amazing sunsets, beaches, palm trees, and all the other stuff with like-minded people.
In general, the average water temperature in Brazil during June is 28 degrees centigrades which is pleasant and acceptable for kitesurfing. And since it will be peak summer season, do not forget to bring your sunblock lotions with you to avoid any sunburns!

>> Brazil is one of the best kitesurfing destinations on the planet

Fortaleza is an awesome spot to kite in June

3. Maui (USA)

The 3rd spot on our list is Maui which is also a great kitesurfing destination to visit during June. With consistent winds, warm weather, and warm water, it is a no-brainer to visit Maui!
For most of the year, a steady and strong wind continues to blow in Maui – So it will be a rare exception to find no-wind days during June or for the rest of the year. And on top of great and consistent winds, you can also enjoy lush green hills and crystal blue waters, which makes it an even more interesting place to visit.
In the North American region, this place is known for being one of the best and most consistently windy spots, and for a kitesurfer, that’s all they need! Although the wind can be a little bit strong, it is not too strong that it becomes dangerous to do any kitesurfing!

Paradisiacal vibes, warm weather and the best swells, that´s what kitesurfing in Maui is all about.  This destination is also considered among the best places to kite for digital nomads and solo travellers



best kite destinations in June- Maui

 4. Diani Beach (Kenya)

The next kitesurfing spot on our list is Diani Beach which is also a great option for the month of June! On average, the wind speed is around 12 knots to 23 knots in Diani Beach, which is enough for all levels of kiters. And on top of that, this spot is also regarded as the best beach in Africa!
So besides offering good conditions for kitesurfing in June, Diani beach also offers you one of the best beaches in Africa. Furthermore, Diani beach has a long water lagoon with crystal-clear water that stretches for miles.
Another great thing about visiting this spot in June is that you will be able to enjoy a lot of nearby cafes, resorts, restaurants, and all the amenities you need to have a great vacation. And to top it all off, there are also a lot of worldwide forests to explore too!
Overall, the vibes at this place are very warm and welcoming, which makes it a good spot to escape the summer boredom and the summer heat!

where to kite in June - Fortaleza

5. Soma Bay (Egpyt)

The last spot on the list is Soma Bay, located in Egypt – This place offers good wind speeds for roughly most of the year, including June.
Dry and warm winds from Africa pass through the Egyptian desert and eventually makes it to the sea, where you can sail through the waves.
In Soma Bay, the water is turquoise and flat, which makes it great for any type of kiting, including freestyle. And to top it all off, Egypt is not that far from most European countries, which makes it an even more interesting choice. In general, it will also be easy to book your flights to this country since the visa requirements are also pretty lax!

best places to kitesurf in June: Soma bay


We hope that you liked our guide with the most fantastic kiteboarding places to kitesurfing in June

As you can see, there are plenty of great kitesurfing spots to explore, even during the month of June. So just because it is summertime doesn’t mean that you have to spend your time indoors with your air conditioning! In fact, you can go out to numerous exotic locations around the world and fill this month with fun and adrenaline-rushing moments!
Also do not forget to bring your sun lotions and all the other stuff needed for the summer. I mean, you wouldn’t want to experience sunburn while kitesurfing – Sure, a little bit of tan would look good, but sunburn is a big no-no!
And although kitesurfing spots become limited during summer (especially in June), the number of people going on vacations increases significantly. So this means that you will have to make your arrangements a couple of months ahead of time to avoid any inconvenience!

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