One of the best ways to enjoy the beach and its waves is by doing some water sport, such as kitesurfing or kiteboarding. To practice this exciting and fun sport, you will need to buy a kitesurf board and, of course, a kitesurf kite.

If you have started looking for kitesurfing kites, you will have noticed that there is a wide variety for sale, of different shapes, sizes, colours, and brands. What kitesurf kite to buy? Are you wondering what best kites on the market are? To help you make the best decision, we have created this complete guide to the best kitesurfing kites of 2020.

But first, let’s see what you should consider when choosing the best kite for you

Things to consider when we talk about the best kiteboarding kites on the market

You have wanted to kitesurf for a long time, and now that you have found the opportunity, you do not want to miss the chance to practice this sport. One of the essential elements to kitesurf is the kite, which will allow you to glide over the water at the speed of the wind. So in another words, you don´t want to make the big mistake of your life by choosing a wrong kite. For that,  you want to buy the best kite.

Let us tell you that every kitesurfer is different, just like every kite location is also different. For this reason, we cannot say that there is a kite that is the best in the world. Each kitesurfer has different needs, so take a good look at the following points when deciding on your best kite.

* Kitesurfing modality. When buying kitesurfing kites, you have to consider what kind of kitesurfing modality you will practice. There are different models of kites depending on the modalities: freestyle (freestyle with jumps and pirouettes), race (races between buoys), or wave (surfing waves). Later on, we will present to you what we consider the best kites on the market according to the kiteboarding modality

* Wind conditions. Another aspect to consider when buying kitesurfing kites is to know where you want to practice this sport, and the results are the wind conditions usually existing in that area. Depending on the wind conditions, you will need to buy a kite of one size or another.

* Kite size. To determine the size of the kitesurfing kite, you have to know what the wind speed is. Large kites are the most suitable for those days when there is little wind, while small kites are ideal for days with strong wind.

If you want to start kiteboarding or have little experience, we recommend starting with a large kite to make you feel more comfortable and safe.

* Bars. When buying your kitesurfing equipment, we recommend purchasing the bars that suit de kite. Ideally, both the bars and the kite are from the same brand, thus ensuring their compatibility.

* Price. When it comes to buying a kitesurfing kite, finally, the price will help you decide if you are hesitating between several options. We have to point out that kitesurfing kites are not exactly cheap, especially if you want to buy the best ones. Its cost can range between € 400 and € 1,000 depending on its quality.

When you have doubts about which kite is the best, better to consult a table where you can see at a glance which are the most remarkable characteristics of each model, what is its price, and what is its evaluation by those users who already tested that same article. The same goes for kitesurfing kites.
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What are the best Kiteboarding brands on the market?

Now let´s talk about the most famous kitesurfing brands on the market. First, let us tell you that this is an objective guide, and any of the following brands do not sponsor it. We are a kitesurfing school with considerable experience in kites, and we have been testing kites for years.

We teach kitesurfing with the Ozone V2 kite, which is the one that works great for our students.

That said, and if you have not yet decided which kitesurfing brand is the best for you, here is a list of our recommendations on the best kite brands in the world.

* Duotone. Duotone is a very recent brand; however, it has been on the market for years. Indeed, Duotone used to be North kites before, and for whatever reason, they have changed the name. Duotone been winning titles for years and are pioneers in the design and construction of kites

* Cabrinha. This brand is also in the Top of the ranking of the best kitesurfing brands. Cabrinha has dominated the kite surfing scene for years. Kitesurfers appreciate their kites for their robust construction, wide depower range, excellent handling, and safety system. Pete Cabrinha started surfing at the age of five and is an eminence in the world of kitesurfing

Core: 100% German technology. It is not surprising that this brand has made a place among the best kites that exist on the planet. These kites are made with a virtually indestructible material, and today Core is one of the best-regarded brands in the world.

Apart from these three leading brands that occupy most of the kitesurfing market, other very famous brands have been in this business for many years and are recognized worldwide.

* F-One

* Ozone

* Naish

* Slinghot

 Having a kite from one of those brands mentioned above means that you can trust in your equipment.

* Best kites in freeride disipline

Firstly, let´s start with the Freeride modality, also known as Old-school. It is the best-known modality that has been seen on the beaches around the world, and it is because everybody begins with this style. Kitesurfing courses are always taught with the necessary equipment for freeriding.
As the name suggests, Freeride is simply about free riding. You can jump or not jump, and you are free to do whatever suits you best with your kite, you go out to sea to enjoy and burn adrenaline.

1. Cabrinha Switchblade 2020
Here you what we consider the best kites on the market for freeriding.
The Switchblade’s reputation for being the world’s highest-performing freeride kite comes not only from the thousands of customers who praise its achievements but also from its countless world titles. The fastest sailing device in the world (2010). King of the Air (2017). The highest tow-up jump in the world (2018).
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Duotone Evo 2020
* Delta type

* The most versatile model in the range

* Easy relaunch in the water

* Light kite and high responsive

* Great power lift and massive hang time

2. Best kites in freestyle discipline

Secondly, we have the freestyle discipline. Freestyle is a trick-oriented type of riding that focuses primarily on unhooked, wakeboard-inspired tricks. This discipline requires a high level of skill and a lot of courage to practice it since you can easily damage if the kite falls heavily against the water.

This modality is for more experienced and confident kiters who have total control of the kite.

The best kiteboarding kites for Freestyle modality are the most responsive, quick, and stable ones

Enduro V2
The Enduro makes freestyle progress fun and easy, from your first unhooked moves to kite loops and even advanced unhooked tricks. The Enduro offers an accessible pop and drop. It makes learning technical movements and handle passes easy, without the need to be as aggressive compared to a type C kite
4. Duotone Dice 2021

The Duotone Dice is a kite a bit more geared towards riders who want to start unhooking a bit and have a more freestyle orientation. It has a good drift, that is, it moves well if you surf a wave.

It has good capabilities whether you want to unhook or surf, and it maintains an easy relaunch and good wind range
* Best kites in wave-riding and strapless discipline

Lastly, the wave-riding modality. As with other modalities, specific kites are always made for waves although it could be practised with any type of kite, for example, a freeride. For this modality, kitesurfers look for beaches and enclaves with waves big enough to be able to surf them. There are even riders looking for storms when the sea is wilder. For that, we need a strong and shockproof kite, as well a high ratio of  stability on-air and effortless manoeuvrability

5. Slingshot SST

It has one of the softest pulls of any kite on the market, and its balance and stability are ideal for getting the best out of every wave. The damping stability of the SST puts this kite in a class of its own! It is also one of the most direct kites.

6. Bandit – S2

The Bandit-S2 is also another perfect kite to focus on your surfing, not the kite. Thanks to it effortless manoeuvrability you can put the kite exactly where you want it. The BANDIT S2 responds immediately to the rider’s commands, and you can control it just with your fingertips!


Have you decided on which is the best kite on the market for you?

We hope this post has served you as a good guide to learn about the best kites and the best kite brands that exist in 2020.

If you still have questions and want us to help you, do not hesitate to send us a message. As we have mentioned before, your physical conditions and your kite spot are essential when choosing the best kitesurfing kite for you. For that, we are probably the ones that can advice you the most

We invite you to come to our kitesurfing school in Sri Lanka to test your new or second-hand kite. We will give you our best advice

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