For many people who are new to kitesurfing and want to learn, a commonly asked question is how much kitesurfing gear costs. However, the answer to this question is not a straightforward one – The price of kitesurfing equipment varies between items and even between different brands. Furthermore, new brands are usually more affordable as compared to those brands which have established themselves over the years.

But if we talk about the average cost of buying kitesurfing equipment, it would be around $1000 to $3000. In general, new kitesurfing gear usually carry a higher price tag as compared to old gear, which usually lacks a lot of safety features.
One thing you need to know is that over the years, a lot of improvements have been made in kitesurfing. In the early years of this sport, most of the gear lacked basic safety features. But over the years, a lot of new safety features have been improved, which has made this extreme sport very safe. Furthermore, a lot of new features have also been introduced, which made this sport more fun and accessible!
If we look at popular brands such as Ocean Rodeo, Mystic, Cabrinha, and Ozone, they usually release new products every single year. So it is not a bad idea to get last year’s gear at an affordable rate as compared to buying the new gear, which was just recently released. As long as you are not buying gear that is several years old, it shouldn’t be a problem! 

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Used vs. New Kitesurfing Gear – Which One To Choose?


As mentioned earlier, one of the biggest differences in prices comes from the condition of the gear – If you buy new gear, it will carry a higher price tag as compared to used kitesurfing gear, which tends to be more affordable.
However, you will need to be more careful when buying used kitesurfing gear. I mean, the last thing you would want is to buy used kitesurfing gear that is nearing its shelf life. For a new kitesurfer, it can be very difficult to tell the quality and the current condition of the gear, which makes this even more difficult.
Considering how even the used gear can easily cost you close to $1000, it is a wise decision to ask for an expert’s help… So if you have a friend or a family member who is a kitesurfer, always ask for their opinion before buying used kitesurfing gear.
And the same advice is true for buying new kitesurfing gear as well – Someone who has experience in kitesurfing will be able to tell you which brands are the best and which brands to avoid. Furthermore, they will be able to help you find the right kite, board, and harness for you.

Kitesurfing Kite – How Much Does It Costs?


Let’s start by talking about the most important and expensive gear which makes kitesurfing possible… Yes, I am talking about the kite, which helps you to travel with the help of wind power.

But despite being expensive, the kite is also the gear that can easily get damaged. In case you don’t know, kites are made from a fabric that can easily get damaged upon impact with a fence, tree, or any other obstacle. In fact, when a kite is dropped at a distance from the sky, it can also get damaged. So the first thing you need to be wary of is to avoid buying a repaired kite as it can’t replace a new one.
A common characteristic of old kites is that their fabric becomes less crispy over time and can cause an unwanted drag. As a result, it can slow down the kite and makes it even more difficult to ride upwind. And when faced with a strong wind, the already old fabric of the kite can even break down.
So if you still want to go with old kites, then buy one which is still in good shape and isn’t too old. Once again, someone with experience in kitesurfing will be able to help you get a good deal.
In general, the starting price of a used kite is around $600, while the starting price of a new kite starts at $1200 and only goes above from there.

how much it cost to buy kitesurfing equipment

Kitesurfing Board – How Much Does It Costs?


After the kite, the 2nd most important item is the kitesurfing board… Surprisingly, buying a kitesurfing board isn’t as hard as buying a kite, and you can easily get a used one without any problem.
Kitesurfing boards are made with highly durable material and can easily last for many years. So if you want to save money by buying a used board, then go for it by all means. In fact, many new kitesurfers get started with a used board that can easily last you for multiple years.
On average, the starting price for a kitesurfing board is around $400 – $700, and you could even find a cheaper option if you go for a used one.

cost of kite equipment: what is the board price

Kitesurfing Harness – How Much Does It Costs?


The next item (gear) on our list is the kitesurfing harness, and fortunately, this is the cheapest equipment! One of the best things about these harnesses is that they are built with durability in mind and can be considered virtually indestructible. And to top it all off, you can get a kitesurfing harness for just $100… You can think of it as a long and safe investment since it is going to last you several years!
If you go to the market for kitesurfing harnesses, you will likely notice that the price for new harnesses is usually higher, especially for new models. But if you look at the last year’s models, which are still unused, you will be able to get a good deal. As mentioned earlier, this equipment is very durable, which means that you can even shop for a used kitesurfing harness, provided that it is in good shape.
When we talk about buying a kitesurfing harness, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind… The first thing to check is to ensure that all the locks and buckles are working properly. And if you can find a harness that comes with a knife, pick that one, as it can prove to be really useful during kitesurfing. Furthermore, also make sure that a safety leash is also included in the harness!

Prices of the kiteboarding equipment by components


Here you will find an overview of other important components for kitesurfing equipment and what you should definitely pay attention.


Depending on which spot are you going to kite, you should consider the cost of the wet suit among the cost of your kitesurfing equipment. With a wetsuit, the fit is the be-all and end-all, so you should definitely try it on. If it doesn’t fit properly, it won’t warm you properly. The Neo should have a thickness of 5 / 4mm or 5 / 3mm to keep you warm during the whole season in Germany. If you only want to go on the water in summer and when the weather is nice, you can also use a 4/3. As a beginner spends a lot of time in the water, warmth is more important than flexibility. Usually, the expensive models are very flexible and very warm. To get started, however, a wetsuit for 150 € is enough to keep you warm.


2. BAR

When buying your kite equipment, apart from the cost of a kitesurfing kite you should also consider how much are you going to expend on your bar. As a kitesurf beginner, it is important that the bar belongs to the kite. Hiring a bar is difficult and requires some experience. It is better to buy your kite complete with a bar, then nothing can go wrong. Don´t forget that the bar is an important security feature and the lines should be in good condition so that nothing happens on the water. You should also find out about the bar’s security system (quick release), know how it works, and test whether it still works perfectly.  Many manufacturers are compatible with each other, while others are not. As we said, the bar is, among the kite, the most important safety component in your kitesurfing equipment, so our advice is that you don´t try to save money on this important item.  The average cost of a kitesurfing bar is around 350-450 euros


If you are a beginner kiting in deep waters, you can think about a vest. An impact protection vest offers some buoyancy. If the kite falls on the water and you can’t start it again, it can take a while to get back on land. Those who practice extreme tricks can also think about it. In our opinion, it is not a must, but it makes sense in some cases. There are vests that are specially designed for waist harnesses. You should definitely take this into account, otherwise, the harness will no longer fit. A vest can be bought from 50 euros


A helmet is a good investment as a beginner and something you should consider in the cost of your kiteboarding gear. It protects you and gives you a feeling of security. Helmets are a useful addition to kitesurfing equipment, especially in crowded and stony spots. We keep our fingers crossed that the investment is never worth it for you. The helmet is often seen as superfluous, but at the moment when something happens, it is important to have one. If you like, you can buy a used helmet, only the size has to be right, otherwise, it will not protect properly. You can find new helmets on the market from 40 euros.



A pump is part of every piece of equipment. When buying an aluminum shaft, make sure that there is enough pressure in the kite. There are now pumps in different sizes. Higher pumps protect your back and are a little more comfortable. Many kite pumps have a pressure gauge on which you can read the pressure. How much pressure should be put into the kite can be found in the instructions for use. Usually, 6-7 PSI is optimal. A pump can certainly be bought second-hand.

What is the average price of a kitesurfing pump? Depending on the brand you can find a pump for around 40 €


The safety leash is essential and an important item to consider in the cost of kitesurfing equipment. It is important to ensure that you can always release the leash with one hand and therefore need a quick release to push away (push-away). Similar to the bar, a medium length is good. Long leashes are for advanced freestylers and short leashes are for beginners. A safety leash is always included with new bars. With used leashes, you should test whether they still release well and whether the mechanism is still firm enough. The price of a leash is on average 25 euros.


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When is the best time to buy kitesurfing equipment?

The best time to buy your kitesurfing equipment cheaply is when the kite brands change the year.  That means almost every kitesurf brand brings an update of the respective products onto the market year after year. This means that the “previous year’s models” will be sold off. This is also the time to get new material from one of the premium brands at a bargain price. Discounts of up to 50% are often no exception. Unfortunately, this is only a solution if you can wait and not if you want to buy new kites or a new kiteboard on the spot. There are also some bargains to be won in November on Black Friday, here you have to be careful, as in all other industries, that you don’t get any slow-moving goods at a supposedly good discount, but if you compare a little, you will definitely find your kitesurfing equipment at a good price shop.

Can I Start Kitesurfing Without Buying Gear?


Now that’s a valid question, as there are numerous reasons why one wouldn’t want to buy kitesurfing gear… For starters, someone doesn’t want to spend so much money on buying gear and is more interested in kitesurfing. Maybe someone just wants to learn to kitesurf, in which case it doesn’t make sense to make such a big investment…
So if you want to start kitesurfing without buying gear, take a look at some of the available options:

Rent Gear
The first and most cost-effective option is to just rent your kitesurfing gear from a rental shop. However, the rental shops will usually require a certain level of kitesurfing skill before lending you the gear.
As it goes with buying gear, the price of new and older gear is also different. Furthermore, the location from where you are buying the gear will also decide the final price.
On average, you can rent a kite for around $100/day and a board for around $20/day. As for the harness, the starting rental price is around $20.

Kitesurfing Schools
If you have no idea how to kitesurf, then there’s no need to buy gear ahead of time! In fact, you can join a kitesurfing school which will provide you with all the gear as well as teach you how to kitesurf safely! So for those who are just getting started or want to polish their skills, the best option to get started without buying gear is to join a school.

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