The Best Kitesurfing Camps in the World


Are you wondering what are the best and most unique kite camps on earth? Then you are in the right place!

If you want to experience what it feels like to be a bird, then you have got to try kitesurfing which allows you to sail the water with the help of strong winds. This is an adrenaline-filled sport and gives you an unmatched experience of freedom and joy – However, it does have a bit of a learning curve which is why you will need to properly learn it first.

It is one of those sports which you can’t learn in a single day… When you are out on the water, there are a lot of variables such as wind speed, water type, obstacles, and even how you handle the kitesurfing equipment. In short, you need to properly learn to kitesurf before you can try it unsupervised in different conditions. And why not learn in some of the best kite camps on the planet… anyway, if you are a beginner, we have also created a list with the best locations in the world to learn to kite

Today, we will look at the best kitesurfing camps in the world and the factors you can use to find a good kitesurfing camp on your own as well!

How to Choose a Good Kitesurfing Camp


When it comes to choosing a good kitesurfing camp, many factors need to be considered. Learning to kitesurf is one of those things where you also get to enjoy the great outdoors in the form of amazing beaches & tons of water activities as well! Generally, learning is considered boring, but that’s not the case with learning kitesurfing – On one hand, you get to learn extreme water sports while also chilling in a great & vibrant location!
The most important factor to consider before choosing a kitesurfing camp is the location. Ideally, you should look for a location that has consistent wind speeds, good beaches, and stable water. If you want to learn to kitesurf or are still a beginner, then it will not be a good idea to choose a windy location with high waves… In fact, it can get dangerous real fast!

Another factor to check is the different activities that you can do at the potential location… Once you are done with kitesurfing, there should be enough activities and attractions so that you get to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Here’s a list of things that must be present at a good kitesurfing location:

• Accommodations – Kitesurfing camp must also offer onsite accommodations so that you can stay close to the water and get to enjoy the beautiful beaches.
• Distance from Airport – The location must be close to the Airport and, at best, must only be a 1-2 hours’ drive from the Airport. And also, check if the kitesurfing camp offers pick-up from the Airport or not.
• Local Culture – If you are a fan of local culture and also love to explore, then choose a location that offers a rich & vibrant local culture!
• Attractions – What would be greater if a kitesurfing location also offers great attractions nearby? Also, keep that in check!
• Other Activities – A good location must also offer other activities besides kitesurfing because you wouldn’t be kitesurfing 24/7!
• Ideal Circumstances – The most important to check in a location is that it must be ideal for kitesurfing (good and consistent wind along with good water). Take a look at our list with the best kite spots in the world
• Kitesurfing Gear – The camp must be equipped with well-maintained kitesurfing gear (ideally, the gear must be new).

The top 7 kitesurfing camps in the world


1. Margarita kite camp (Kalpitiya – Sri Lanka)

In our number 1 position among the best kite camps in the world, you can’t miss the Margarita! Why? Firstly, because we are ranked number 1 kite camp in Sri Lanka according to Lonely Planet, and secondly because we have prepared the list ourselves. Furthermore, we kite in some of the best spots in the world.

With 9 windy months a year, Sri Lanka is probably the number 1 kite spot in Asia.  Margarita kite camp is located in the Kalpitiya lagoon, an ideal spot to learn and progress in the world of kitesurfing.

Just 2.5 hours from the airport, Kite Camp Margarita welcomes kiters from all over the world, so you will find a multicultural environment. With free internet, the best food and good vibes,  Margarita kitesurfing camp is the best option for a kitesurfing holiday in Asia

>> Best kitesurfing locations in Sri Lanka


2 – Kite control (Obidos – Portugal)

Why is kite control number 2 on our list of the best kite camps in the world? We are not here to convince you of anything, but we know first-hand that kite control is one of the best kite camps on the planet, especially if you are a beginner.
In a few kite camps will you find such professional teachers and places as easy to learn as the Obidos lagoon. In fact, we have also included Kite Control in our list of the best kitesurf schools in the world.

Obidos lagoon is a natural reservation,  with a relaxed and calm atmosphere.  In few places in the world can you see flamingos flying while you sail.

Kite control is not one of those all-inclusive mega-resorts. It rather offers more of a relaxed and familiar atmosphere where to chill with family or friends. It actually offers a couple of guesthouses where kitesurfers meet and share unique moments after their kite sessions. One of its guest houses has a swimming pool where you can cool off. Good vibes, very nice people, 24 h internet connection and probably the best sunsets in Portugal. In addition, this kite camp is only one hour from Lisbon airport.   Take a look at Kite control website 🙂

3. SoCal Kitesurfing (Long Beach – California – USA)

In the United States of America, one of the best kitesurfing camps is SoCal Kitesurfing which is located in the Long Beach area. All the instructors are certified and only the highest quality gear is used, which makes it a perfect spot for both beginners and even experts.
In fact, all the helmets are equipped with a 2-way radio, so you will receive full guidance as you ride the waves. From learning everything about kitesurfing to the equipment, you will be taught all of that before even going out on the water. On top of that, the structure of the course offered by this camp is so good that you will become a pro kitesurfer in no time! This is why this kite camp is in our second position among the top kiteboarding camps worldwide.

This is the best option for the Americans who want to dabble in kitesurfing without leaving their country!

list of the best kite camps in the planet
4. KitePeople (El Gouna – Egypt)

In Egypt, one of the best kitesurfing spots is El Gouna, and the KitePeople is located in the heart of it! For beginners, this is a really great spot to learn the ropes of kitesurfing, and with certified instructors, it becomes a really fun and interactive learning experience!
This camp is located in the Mövenpick Resort & Spa – This means that you will have no trouble finding accommodations as well… All you have to do is just walk out of your room, get your gear, and head to the beach for kitesurfing training!
And with different levels of water (shallow & deep), riders of all levels can enjoy kitesurfing!

If you are a beginner, El Gouna is ranked one of the best spots in the world to learn to kitesurf, so why not giving a try?

the best kite camps in the planet
5. Ion Club Dakhla (Dakhla Lagoon – Morocco)

The next camp on our list is the Ion Club Dakhla which is located in the Dakhla Lagoon. You have probably already heard that the ION club has some of the best kite camps in the world, and especially the one in Dakhla is a top-ranked

Since this spot is located on a lagoon, the conditions for kitesurfing remain ideal all year round. In short, you can kitesurf every day if you want to!
One of the best features of Ion Club Dakhla is that all the instructors are certified and are fluent in different languages. And despite your experience level in kitesurfing (beginner or advanced), you can still learn new skills at this camp!

ION club Dakhla among the best kite camps on earth
6. C2Sky Kite Center (Vietnam)

C2Sky Kite Center is located in Vietnam and offers IKO-certified instructors who are fluent in different languages such as English, Dutch, German, Russian, Polish, and Vietnamese. So if you are looking to get lessons in your native language, then feel free to check out this kitesurfing camp in Vietnam!
Some of the major features of C2Sky Kite Center are:
• Lots of space for beginners to learn.
• Good wind and water.
• WiFi
• Storage rooms
• Beautiful beaches

7. Club Ventos (Brazil)

The next camp on the list is Club Ventos from Brazil. All the staff is registered with IKO but the best part is that you will also be registered with the IKO as well so that your progress can be tracked! That’s a unique feature that is not offered by that many kitesurfing camps.
Another benefit is that you continue to learn kitesurfing at other IKO centers all over the world! Club Ventos is also famous for only using the best kitesurf brand “Cabrinha Kites,” which means that you get to learn kitesurfing with the best equipment!

top kite camps

These 7 kitesurfing camps are famous among new and even experienced kitesurfers. There are numerous kitesurfing camps all over the world where you can meet many kitesurfing enthusiasts and progress to your highest level. Unfortunately, we cannot include all the kitesurfing camps in the world in one article, so we present to you the ones that we think are the best, from Asia to America.

 However, you can also use our little guide to choose a good kitesurf camp on your own… Haven’t you decided yet? Don’t think about it too much because the wind doesn’t last forever 🙂

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