5 Advanced Kitesurfing Tricks You Can Try Today!


So you have mastered the basic and mid-level kitesurfing and now looking to step up your skills? The surprising thing about kitesurfing is that there is always something to learn, no matter how skilled you are! For someone new, it can be difficult to even control the kite, but after some experience, the focus shifts to trying new skills – That’s the beauty of this sport which makes it such a great progressive sport.
So today, we will look at some advanced kitesurfing tricks which can make you look cool on the water. But besides looking cool, you will also truly enjoy yourself once you have managed to pull off these tricks. Furthermore, it is relatively easy to perform these advanced kitesurfing tricks, which is yet another reason to try these out!

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5 Advanced Kitesurfing Tricks


Are you ready to bring some new kite tricks under your belt? Then try these simple yet highly satisfying techniques which can take your kiting game to the next level:


1. Nuclear Grab, one of the first advanced kite tricks you can try

Nuclear grab or also known as seatbelt grab, is a technique in which one jumps and then grabs the board’s nose with a backhand. On paper, it appears simple, but you will need to master the timing to pull it off efficiently.

The easiest way to practise this kitesurfing technique is to start by popping up with your hands off the bar. Once you have managed that, then try to grab your knee and slowly make your way down by grabbing your calf, foot, and so on. Once you have managed to grab the front part of the board, that’s when you will be able to learn this technique!

Requirement: You must be able to jump through popping only since only your front hand will be on the bar.

To perform the nuclear grab technique, follow these steps:

Step 1: Increase the speed by lowering your kite and then try to dig your heels into the rail as if you are trying to stop. Finally, use the upper part of your body for popping.

Step 2: Now, turn your shoulders and hands towards the front portion of the board that we are going to grab in this technique. Then continue by taking your backhand away from the bar and moving your front hand in the middle.

Step 3: To easily grab the front portion of the board, try to bend the front leg as it will get your hand close to the board’s nose. However, do not forget to continue leaning your shoulders forward so that you can maintain a horizontal position.

Step 4: By using your backhand, grab the nose of the board. Using that grabbing hand, you can also push the board backwards so that the board will be going vertically and your body going horizontally in the air.

Step 5: Now, simply hold this position for as long as possible. Also, try to maintain an upside-down position by keeping your back leg a little higher than the pelvis. Meanwhile, keep your eyes glued down on the water to scout for the landing zone.

Step 6: In the end, release your grab from the board and lower your legs so that you get back into an upright position. The last thing you would want is hitting the bar with your face, so be mindful of that as well. And since we will be nearing the end of our trick, also continue to check for a possible landing zone.

Step 7: After landing on the water, position your board towards the downwind.

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recommended advanced kite tricks

2. Back Roll, the very first trick from beginner to more advanced level

Back Roll or also known as the back loop, is an easy-to-perform kitesurfing technique. However, mastering the back roll is another thing and can take quite a lot of practice to pull it off with style.

The best day to practise performing the back roll is during choppy water so that you can focus more on spinning your body rather than controlling the kite. A 12m kite and wind speed of 15 knots is ideal for practising and performing back roll, so that’s another thing to keep in mind.

Requirements: To perform the back roll, you must know how to jump, relaunch your kite, ride without looking at the kite, fly with your hands in the bar centre, and so on.


Step 1: Start by edging a little bit upwind and picking up speed by keeping your kite lower. Then move the kite a little higher while keeping your hands near the middle of the control bar. This will ensure that no unwanted bar movements happen so that you can keep your focus on the technique.

Step 2: Now push the bard firmly towards upwind by leaning backwards and pressing on your heels. To make it easy, look towards the riding direction of the board.

Step 3: Now pop up so that your board can get off the water while looking over your front shoulder. This movement will automatically start rotating your body which is the basic requirement of this technique.

Step 4: To increase the spinning speed, you should continue to keep your eyes over your front shoulder and your heels close to your butt.

Step 5: If you followed all the steps (1-4) successfully, it means that you will be above the water in a backward position (heading and body facing towards the opposite side of the riding direction).

Step 6: Now look towards the landing zone by turning your head once your body spins towards the initial riding direction. You can also pull down your bar to ensure a smoother landing.

performing advanced kiteboarding tricks
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3. Double Back Roll;  if you wanna go big, make it double!

This trick is similar to the back roll in which you just double it down! All the steps involved in the double back roll are similar to the back roll, and you just have to perform the back roll technique twice in a row (hence the name double back roll).

The requirement to perform the double back roll is that you must master the back roll technique first (The Back Roll technique is mentioned above step-by-step). To make this technique easy, try to keep the kite higher during the learning phase.

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4. Front Roll, another trick to practice after the backroll

Once you have mastered the back roll technique, you then move towards the front roll, which is a famous kitesurfing technique.

And just like the back roll technique, a choppy day will be best to easily launch while keeping your focus away from the kite work. Furthermore, try to stay a little underpowered, as the last thing you would want is to have a hard impact if you make a mistake.

Requirements: Similar to the back roll technique mentioned above.


Step 1: Start by building up speed and edging hard towards the upwind. Now pop off the water and initiate the body rotation, similar to the back roll technique. But instead of keeping your eyes above the front shoulder, simply look over the back shoulder. This will rotate your front shoulder towards the back shoulder.

Step 2: Upon take-off, extend your back leg and bend the front leg completely. This will bring the rear side of the border closer to the water as compared to the front tip. Now continue to look towards the opposite side of the riding direction.

Step 3: Continue to look over the back shoulder and bend both of your knees.

Step 4: Once you’re near the completion of the rotation, simply extend your legs once again to move the board direction toward the water. This will also slow down the rotational movement.

Step 5: Now land the board on the water towards the downwind direction to ensure a smooth landing.


5. Kiteloop, the advanced trick for the most daring

If you kiteloop, it means you really go BIG in kitesurfing

Kiteloop is yet another famous kitesurfing technique that can make you look and feel like an expert! You can perform the kiteloop unhooked or hooked (depending on your preference).

When performing this technique, you need to ensure that no hesitation is present in your body. The reason for this is simple – Even a little bit of hesitation can lead to a crash! Since it will be your first time performing kiteloop, it is best to start via the unhooked route as it is easier to perform.

Another thing to remember is that you should be underpowered, as it will make it easy to retain control and perform the required body movements.

Requirements: You must master the simple jump pop and shouldn’t be afraid of crashing.

 Step 1: Dig your rail to send the kite hard and then pop up.

Step 2:  Now wait until you are at the highest point in your jump, and then send the kite again.

Step 3: Place your hands on the bar (towards the same side) and pull hard. This will make your kite travel at full speed.

Step 4: At this step, your kite will be at maximum traction and fully powered. Many people make the mistake of releasing the bar at this step, and that’s what you need to avoid. Doing so will cause you to crash and hit the water.

Step 5: Now, all you have to do is to wait until the kite is back up before sheeting out.

Step 6: The kiteloop technique is complete, and now all that’s left is to head towards downwind to ensure a smooth landing.

kiteboarding advanced maneuvers

How to do your advanced kite tricks more stylish


With many hours of practice and after many falls, we can all achieve a decent level to perform these above-advanced tricks. But one thing is to do an advanced trick, and another thing is to do it with style. Here we give you some tips so you can perform the above tricks really stylish:

1. Inverted tricks

If you want to wow everyone, we recommend performing the advanced tricks inverted. To do this, raise your legs up and turn your head down once in the air. The stronger the downward rotation of the head, the more inverted the trick will be.

2. The board grab

Another way to make your tricks more stylish is by grabbing the board. With one hand you control the kite and with the other hand, you do the hand grab. You can make it either a tail grab or a nose grab, depending on the trick. These will make your trick much stylish!

3. The board-off

If you want to impress everyone, try to get a foot off the board once you’re in the air. The trick with one foot off the board looks great! And once you’re confident, you can do them with both feet off the board too. Grab the handle hard once in the air and stick both feet out. Put the board back on before landing.

Recommendation: if you don’t have time to put the board back on your feet before landing, it is better to leave it outside once you fall  so as not to hurt yourself



inverted advanced kite tricks



Going from a beginner level to an advanced level is not an easy thing but with a lot of practice, you can achieve it. We have shown you some advanced tricks with which you can start but there are many other advanced kite tricks that we will show yu in another post. For now, you can practice the ones above and remember, if you want to do them with style, do an inverted, a hand grab, or a board off. Keep practicing!

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