Nowadays kitesurfing is considered an extreme sport and one of the most exciting activities that exist. Are you wondering if kitesurfing is also an appropriate sport to burn calories?  If you want to find out how many calories you can burn in kitesurfing, you are in the right place!

Kitesurfing is not only exciting and fun, but the regular practice of kitesurfing has many benefits for the health and well-being of those athletes who jump into the water with their board.


These are the benefits of kitesurfing to burn calories and feel good with your body and mind:

1- It improves the general muscle tone of the body since it is an exercise considered complete: it requires global work, both to avoid falling and to perform the different manoeuvres that characterize it. Despite this, the arms, back, buttocks and legs are especially enhanced.

2- It is constant work since during the sessions there are no breaks. At all times you have to work, at least, to keep your balance and not get carried away, which would cause constant falls. This means that not only power is maximized, but also the cardiorespiratory system, and resistance in low and high-intensity exercises.

3- Kitesurfing helps burn fat due to its caloric expenditure. It is estimated that 350-400 calories can be burned with each kitesurfing session. Besides, being a high-intensity training, once it is finished, calories are still burned for a while.

4- Like snowboarding, in kitesurfing with a twintip board, the fact of having fixed feet without being able to change the position of the legs (beyond bending or stretching them) strengthens the sense of balance, since you have to play with it. centre of gravity and the whole body to stay upright.


5- The speed with which kitesurfing is practised in the sea and the small waves, ensure that the athlete is constantly aware of any change that in seconds could throw him, or make him lose an opportunity to perform acrobatics, and that favours him to enhance reflexes and concentration.

6- Performing jumps and pirouettes not only helps to provide greater muscular strength but also requires a progressive increase in motor coordination and flexibility.

7- Like all physical activity, it helps to release tension and daily stress thanks to the secretion of endorphins, which eliminates problems of anxiety and depression. On the other hand, it generates a feeling of well-being when practised in open natural spaces.

8 – Concentration is probably another important factor when we talk about burning calories in Kitesurfing. The mental factor is a key in kitesurfing, especially for those who are in the first steps of this sport

Losing weight while doing sports is the main objective of many athletes who flock to gyms and sports clubs in search of improving their physical condition.  However, if we can lose calories on the beach and doing what we like the most, better, right? For all kitesurfers, we can say that kitesurfing is the best sport if you want to burn calories in the healthiest and most fun way possible!

How many calories are burned in Kitesurfing?


Finding at all costs the sport that burns the most calories is the priority of those who want to lose weight and see in numbers what will then supposedly result in a loss of body fat. For this reason and to clarify how many calories are burned in each sport compared with kitesurfing, we have prepared this guide.

Obviously, calories are not everything when it comes to showing off a flat stomach, defined abs, or getting slim legs. Don’t be obsessed with adding hours of cardio. Try to tone different muscle groups during exercise and, following the WHO guidelines, lead a healthy lifestyle that, through a varied diet and control of your daily NEAT, allows you to keep weight at bay.

It is important to emphasize that it is not as easy to measure the calories burned in kitesurfing as the calories burned in other sports.

Kitesurfing is comprised of many different movements; from surfing the waves to making big jumps and recovering the board. Moreover, beginners usually burn more calories as they always need to be more focused and struggle a lot (especially, with what we call the “walk of shame”). A beginner usually spends a lot of time walking upwind on the beach with the kite and doing body dragging in the water. In these 2 actions, a lot of calories are burned

Next table shows how many calories do you burn while doing 30 minutes sport.  According to Harvard University, running at a fast pace is the best way to burn calories. According to the next data, we can also conclude that kiteboarding is a good way to burn calories!

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The values that are exposed next are totally indicative since each profile of a person presents a different caloric expenditure. The values ​​are per hour of training and per sport modality. Routine variants such as HIIT training (high-intensity training) are not taken into account.

Let´s then establish the burned calories in kitesurfing for an average of 20knots and an intermediate rider:

 With an average of 20 knots of wind, an 80 kg rider can burn between 1.000 and 1.200 calories per hour.

Without further ado, We are now going to analyze the sports that burn more calories and we are going to compare it with kitesurfing.

Calories burned in kitesurfing Vs calories burned in other sports


calories burned running vs calories burned kiteboarding

You don’t have to be an expert to know that running is one of the sports most used to lose weight. Running burns a lot of calories and although the data varies a lot depending on the intensity of the session, at a medium-high pace you can spend 700-800 calories per hour of training. Running at higher rates and a higher intensity can cause a caloric expenditure close to or greater than 1000 calories per hour, same as kitesurfing


Also, running is still a very complete sport. Running in addition to improving our lung capacity, we work all kinds of muscles such as calves, thighs, or buttocks. The big problem with running continues to be the direct impact that this sport has on the joints. Knees and ankles are the main joints at risk of injury.


Calories burned cycling vs calories burned kiteboarding

Cycling is a sport that many people who initially seek to lose weight are hooked on. A sport that provides innumerable health benefits and that adapts as few modalities to all athlete profiles. Playing with factors such as average speed, power, unevenness or distance will allow us to achieve different objectives.


Since each person and each organism is different, determining how many calories are burned while riding a bicycle is not as easy as it may seem. Despite everything, it is stipulated that in the case of road cycling, said caloric expenditure can range between 400 and 1000 calories per hour. A volume of calories as spectacular as it is effective, even more so considering that we rarely get on the bike to ride for just one hour.


Also, another great attraction to attract new cyclists is its reduced risk of injury since pedalling does not generate a direct impact on any joint. Cycling is a grateful sport like few others since hopefully, the only discomfort you will feel after doing a quality training will be the typical leg pain. For everything else, the body adapts quickly to the physical level, offering the overweight athlete a great margin to lose weight.


Calories burned swimming vs calories burned kiteboarding

The lack of sweating makes many people think that swimming does not burn fat; Big mistake. Swimming is one of the most complete sports that exist and one of the least aggressive from the joint point of view. Swimming has great benefits for the body and is usually the indicated sport to start a recovery period after an injury. Alternating the different styles we can tone and strengthen muscles of the back, arms, shoulders and chest. We can say that while swimming you can burn the same amount of calories that in kiteboarding.  An hour of swimming can burn up to 1,100 calories. Besides, swimming can be practised throughout the year and at a relatively low cost. What more can you ask for from a sport?

Calories burned boxing vs calories burned kitesurfing

Fighting sports not only allows you to burn fat and calories but also help to release tension. In the case of Boxing, for example, the body is in constant motion. Small jumps, side steps and a slight sway that although it may not seem like it will increase our caloric expenditure. To this, we must add the adrenaline that this type of sport has. An aspect that is hardly tangible but without realizing it will leave you exhausted. Besides, fighting sports help to connect body and mind, considerably improving our coordination. In one hour of fighting, between exercise and adrenaline, it is estimated that 600-700 calories can be spent. In a workout giving hard to the bag, the expense could go down to 400 calories per hour. These ratio is quite far from the calories burned in kitesurfing though


Calories burned bodypump vs calories burned kitesurfing

In the catalogue of directed activities of most gyms, it is common to find different “body” modalities. Although they present variants among themselves, they all have a common denominator. They are directed by an instructor, with background music and do not exceed one hour in duration. In 60 minutes for example of a Body Pump class, you can burn around 500-600 calories. It is also a perfect sport to tone different muscles of the body and to burn localized fat. The classes are very fun and the countless exercises that are carried out allow us to adapt the classes to different profiles of person. The distribution of weights with which the exercises are carried out will also depend on factors such as age, physical condition or gender of the individual.

In a nutshell…

 When it comes to losing calories, kitesurfing is right up there with high-intensity exercises like running at a fast pace or swimming butterfly style. You really lose a lot of calories when you kitesurf

Kiteboarding is probably the most complete sports to burn calories, even better than regular sports like football or basketball . If you are up in losing weight and want to fit your body, you should be happy kiteboarding is your best friend to achieve these goals. What are you waiting to jump in the water to lose some fat?



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