Kalpitiya: the perfect destination to learn kite!

Kalpitiya peninsula offers the best kitesurfing scenario to learn and to progress in Kitesurfing. Located just 2,5- 3 hours approximate from Negombo airport, Margarita kite school is located right in Kalpitiya lagoon, the perfect spot to learn kitesurfing! Come to Kalpitiya to learn kitesurfing with Margarita team

Kalpitiya kitesurfing location!

Kalpitiya is located Northwest from Colombo capital – Negombo airport

How to arrive to Kapitiya from Negombo airport?

By private vehice: 11.000 rupees  – 2.5 – 3 h

By local bus – Around 300 rupees – 5 hours journey

By tuk tuk – Around 5000 rupees – 4 hours journey

By train + bus or tuk tuk – From 500 to 3000 rupees – 4-5 hours jouney

Activities to do in Kalpitiya a part from Kitesurfing


A part from kitesurfing there are many activities that you can do in this rural an authentic environment! Kalpitiya offers for those kiters more adventorous many super beautiful mangroves for Kayaking around! Furthermore, the calm waters of the ocean are very suitable for diving. Very recently, the Coastal conservation department from Kalpitiya have launched a coral protection and development program. Snorkeling is again a very interesting activity to do in winter season.

Kalpitiya lagoon and kite spots around


Kalpitiya kitesurfing –> Kalpitiya is a destination for kitesurfers where mass tourism has not arrived yet. This makes Kalpitiya a kitesurfing destination with a special beauty and with many kitesurfing spots to be discovered. 


If you are looking for an easy-learning kitesurfing spot, Kalpitiya is the best choice to take your kitesurfing lessons! The lagoons and the islands around Kalpitiya offer super flat and shallow waters! 
If you are an experienced rider come to Kalpitiya and discover the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka as the  Puttalam lagoon, Kalpitiya lagoon and Kappaladi.  

Kappaladi lagoon is located in a very beautiful spot only 20 km south of Kalpitiya town. The flat and shallow water and the steady wind make this place a very good kitesurfing spot. 

North from Kalpitiya  there are many islands too and  Vella Island  is for sure one of the best!  Vella Island is just the perfect place for kitesurfing in flat and shallow  water .  

By the other hand, If you prefer  to kite among waves in the ocean, the Donkey Point is the perfect spot!

Come and ride with us!! 

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