Are you wondering about kitesurfing insurance?

If you find yourself in a location with access to the ocean, don’t pass up the opportunity to go kitesurfing.
Kite surfing is a unique form of adventure since it incorporates elements from a variety of extreme sports, including surfing, paragliding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and gymnastics.
So this article provides you with enough information about kitesurfing travel insurance

 Like any new sport that has a level of risk, many kitesurfers wonder if they can be insured in kitesurfing. The answer, of course, is YES.  If you plan to get insurance for kitesurfing, in the next post we will give you the keys.

The insurance sector advances at the same pace as society and offers its solutions to new coverage needs. Even in extreme sports such as Kitesurfing, which, being powered by a kite, can propel itself at high speed when strong gusts of wind intervene.

Although some specialists maintain that kitesurfing is not particularly dangerous for amateurs,  some professionals end up risking too much and can especially suffer broken bones due to heavy falls. Experts say that the main danger of this sport is to start learning it without training offered by a specialist school. When you know and have experience, riding a bike can be more dangerous than Kitesurfing.

Normally, the kitesurfing insurance is not specific only for kitesurfing and it is usually included in insurance for extreme sports, or even in travel insurance, which we will talk about later

Like most of extreme sports insurance, the coverage of a kitesurfing insurance, usually covers medical, hospital and surgical expenses, 24-hour assistance, payment of crutches, search and rescue of the insured, repatriation and medical transport of injured; displacement of a family member due to the hospitalization of the insured; extension of hotel stay due to accident; repatriation in case of death; sending medicines abroad, sending urgent messages, and civil liability, among many others.

If you want to know more about kitesurfing insurance, in this post we bring you some valuable information that you may find quite interesting if you are thinking in being covered

everything you have to know about kitesurfing insurance


 Kitesurfing involes some risks, an essencial point that you should take in mind ….

kitesurfing has some risks, for that reason many kitesurfers take the insurance issue very seriously

Although, as compared to other extreme sports, kitesurfing has a lower risk of injury, many fatal accidents have been reported . As with any water sport, safety must be taken seriously when kitesurfing. . Slightly less severe injuries such as twisting or hitting the ground or the waves might occur significantly more frequently. Helmets, wetsuits, and chest armour are all highly advised, as is making sure you have the proper kitesurfing safety equipment on-hand anytime you hit the ocean for a ride on the wind.


Kitesurfing travel insurance


A combination of a travel insurance and a kitesurfing insurance is the perfect solution for any kitesurfer travelling abroad. A part from any medical expenses arising from minor or fatal injuries, some of these travel insurance are also covering any damages related to your kitesurfing equipment.

Having a travel insurance policy is essential if you plan to go abroad. However, if you don’t have proper kitesurfing insurance, you’re taking a risk by going into the water. This is why, some travel agencies that are specialized in kitesurfing, offer proper kitesurfing travel insurance


Cover for kitesurfing is included in almost kitesurfing travel insurance, which normally provides you with the following benefits:


  • Up to coverage for damage, delay, loss, or theft of your own equipment or equipment rented for the duration of your trip.
  • Should you have an injury that requires medical attention, the cost of that treatment will be covered by your kitesurfing insurance coverage. Your insurance policy will cover the costs if you need to be returned to your home country or if search and rescue teams are contacted.

Additionally, if your flight is delayed, your luggage is lost, or you have to cut your vacation short, you may be reimbursed for the expenditures under this type of travel insurance.

Coverage for accidents that result in death, physical injury, or property damage to a third party is provided by personal liability insurance.

  • Family and group insurance are eligible for discounts.




being covered by an insurance is essencial in kitesurfing

Is kitesurfing covered by most basic travel insurance policies?



Even though kitesurfing is included in the list of lower-risk activities, you should check with your travel insurance provider to see if it covers accidents that occur while participating in so-called “adventure sports,” unless you get additional coverage. As a result, before purchasing travel insurance coverage, be sure to check the fine print to ensure that kitesurfing is covered.

Over 500 different sports and activities are included in our coverage, which is broken down into seven different categories. Sports group 1 includes kitesurfing, therefore you’re insured for any activities in that category, as well as any lower ones.
If I have a pre-existing medical issue, can I get kitesurfing travel insurance?

Premiums are not affected by a person’s medical history. Medical conditions, injuries, or treatment received in the past two years must be reported to the underwriters, who then evaluate any special terms.

Does the coverage you offer for kitesurfing have a maximum age requirement for participants?

Travel insurance for kitesurfing can be purchased  up to the age of 74.


While kitesurfing is automatically covered in kitesurfing insurance, sporting equipment can be costly, so be sure it’s properly insured if you’re traveling with it.  Many plans cover valuables, including sporting equipment, so make sure you get the appropriate amount of coverage. If your kitesurfing gear is extremely costly, you may add additional valuables cover to your policy, which usually covers up to £1,000 per item (for more information, see our policy wordings).

If you’re going to kitesurf on land rather than on the sea, you’ll need extra coverage because this normally falls under the adventure sports travel category.

A few of  World First insurance team has been kitesurfing for over two decades. As a result of this, they are able to provide kitesurfing travel insurance as an optional add-on to both our Single Trip and Multi-Trip packages. Due to the inclusion of kite buggying and kite surfing, the cost is less than you might anticipate. So, however you choose to fly, they can have you covered at a reasonable price for your next trip.

In addition to the typical coverage for legal advice, personal liability, luggage, cancellation, curtailment, money, and documents, one of our six policies, for instance, includes a gadget extension that protects your phone, tablet, or laptop for up to £1500 in value if it is stolen or damaged. The maximum medical coverage provided by any one of our six policies is ten million pounds. If you require medical travel insurance, they are able to provide coverage for a wide variety of medical issues.
If something goes wrong while you’re away, our 24-hour emergency help service is always ready to assist you. The travel insurance package for kiteboarding does not cover you for professional or competitive kitesurfing, but we can cover you if you’re out there to learn, add a few tricks to your repertoire, or simply have fun with it.


These travel insurance products are not only quick and easy to understand, but they also include automatic coverage for over 50 sports and activities, including kite surfing. We also provide coverage for a variety of benefits, including:

●Coverage for vacation cancellations
●Coverage for personal belongings and luggage
●Medical and hospital costs are covered.
●Coverage for passports, money, and documents
●Coverage for delayed departure
●Coverage for lodging



Kitesurfing equipment can be insured for up to £5,600 on your policy. You’ll also be protected if you decide to rent any equipment throughout your vacation. During your journey to and from your final destination, it’s also covered by this policy!

It’s possible to get reimbursed for the expense of repairing or replacing any kitesurfing equipment that is lost, stolen, or destroyed while you’re on vacation.

the best kiitesurfing insurance for equipment


Combining aspects of surfing, paragliding, windsurfing, wakeboarding, and gymnastics, kite surfing is a one-of-a-kind adventure sport. This combination amplifies the enjoyment and adrenaline surge that can be experienced. Kitesurfing travel insurance also allows us to exert influence over two other elements: water and air, which we do by riding the waves and using a massive, well-tuned power kite.



If you’re going to be near the ocean or the water, don’t miss out on the opportunity to attempt kite surfing. This will make your vacation truly unforgettable, as the memories of such an adventure will warm you up on cold winter evenings and allow you to brag and show off your images to friends. However, you must keep in mind that this ultimate activity involves both the rewards and risks of various extreme sports.

Have you hired your kitesurfing insurance or not yet?