Isla de Ippantivu

This little island is located in the middle of the Puttalam Lagoon and going there by boat from
Kalpitiya takes you only 30 minutes. 30 minutes of a nice boat ride to enjoy, before kiting on the
blue water!
This is one of the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka because it is not known by other kiteschools
and quite hidden, which turns it into an incredible and authentic spot. For kitesurfers this spot is like
Carneval in Rio but without all the people – so an epic kitesurfing experience for yourself and your
When you go kiting at this magnifiscient spot you will feel like, owning the water because you
barely see other kiters around.
This spot is a bit smaller than Vella Island. The wind in summer time is a bit stronger due to the
„venturi effect“, which converts into a perfect spot for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka! Up to know,
Margarita kite school is one of the few schools organizing a kite trips to Ippantivu island.