Travelling with kids in Sri Lanka


If you are thinking of travelling to Sri Lanka with your children, here are some tips that will be very helpful. Sri Lanka is a wonderful and still developing country, but don’t worry, because by taking the proper travel precautions, your children’s fun is guaranteed!

With amazing sandy beaches, waterfalls, mountains, wildlife, and tons of water sports, what’s not to like about Sri Lanka! And if you are planning to travel with kids in Sri Lanka, you can rest assured that there will be plenty to keep them busy!

From extreme sports to more casual and leisure types of activities, Sri Lanka has something to offer for the whole family! And that’s the best part about it as well – For each member of the family, there is not just a couple of things but tons of things to try out and explore on this paradise island.

Since we are specifically talking about travelling with kids in Sri Lanka, today, we will look at the best things/activities for kids to try out in Sri Lanka.


Travelling with kids in Sri Lanka – Top 6 Activities for the Family



 Want to know about the activities that you and your family can do in Sri Lanka? Take a look:

 1. Kitesurfing & surfing

When you travel with your children to Sri Lanka, one of the things that probably worries you the most is that they have a great time. That´s why in our number 1 activity to do in Sri Lanka with kids we have included either kitesurfing or surfing.

Kitesurfing is a wonderful sport to practice as a family, and your children will have fun like never before. In Kalpitiya, we have one of the best kitesurf spots in the world to learn, and your children can learn in good conditions.

With the best kite instructors, your children will learn in a 100% safe way. However, if you are not ready to see your kid jumping with a kite, you also have the option of taking your children to one of the surf camps in the south or in Arugambay. Your children will also have a great time surfing the best waves!

And if you are one of those who prefer enjoying the beaches in a more peaceful way, then you should know that you are covered ;

visit sri lanka with kids
2. Family time on Beaches

In Sri Lanka, one thing you wouldn’t find a shortage of is the beautiful sandy beaches. And if you are looking for peaceful and quality family time, then Sri Lanka is the spot! And when we talk about the beaches, it is the postcard pictures type of stuff with warm blue waters, palm trees, and all of that!

If you are planning to travel with family during summer, then head towards the northeast side of the beaches. And during the other seasons, you can check out the southern and western sides.

One of the best things about Sri Lanka is that it offers two different seasons – This means that you can enjoy the sun shining all year long! But the best part is that you can find any type and size of accommodation near the beaches… I mean, you can wake up in your room and enjoy your breakfast at the beach!

activities to do in Sri Lanka with kids
3. Kandy to Ella Train Journey

When you are in Sri Lanka, remember not to miss the famous train line which goes from Kandy to Ella. This is a five-and-a-half-hour tour that goes through breathtaking scenery, miles of a plantation, and beautiful valleys. If you want the kids to experience a healthy dose of nature and greenery, then add this activity to your to-do list!

Throughout the train journey, there are a lot of tea plantations, and when you combine that with valleys and mountains, this whole trip feels like you are going through a magic wonderland.

travelling by train in sri lanka with kids
4. Whale Watching

Like most people, your family will also only have watched the whales on the TV. But you can change that by visiting Sri Lanka and watching the Blue Whales’ migration in real life! During the month of April and December, you can easily get a boat from the Mirissa to go whale watching.
And trust me when I tell you that watching a whale swim through the water is something that can’t be expressed in words or even in a video. When you and your kids watch whales for the first time, it will be a memory that all of you will never forget!

travelling around sri lanka with children: whale watching
5. Watch Wild Elephants

Did you know that there are a lot of wild elephants in Sri Lanka? And the best part is that kids absolutely love watching wildlife, especially the elephants! You can easily get a jeep safari and watch the elephants in the wild at a close range – When compared to watching the wild elements in Africa, the cost is much lower in Sri Lanka.

On average, the safari takes around 3 hours, and it’s a near-guaranteed that you will watch elephants. And the duration of this trip is also perfect for the kids (not too long to get bored and not too short)!

Besides watching the wild elephants, your kids can also encounter other wildlife animals as well such as colourful peacocks, buffalo, crocodiles, and even leopards if you are lucky!

You can also watch the elephants at various national parks such as the Kumana National Park, Minneriya National Park, and the Yala National Park.

kids activities Sri Lanka - elephants watching
6. Hot Air Ballooning

Another fun activity to try out with the kids is hot air ballooning in Sri Lanka. In Kandalama – Sri Lanka, you can watch the beauty of Sri Lanka’s landscapes while travelling in a colourful hot air balloon.
When you float in the clouds in your hot air balloon, it almost feels like you are experiencing something magical, and kids love these things. So if your kids love something surreal and majestic, remember to take a ride on of those hot air balloons!

visiting sri lanka with kids: ballooning

Travelling with kids in Sri Lanka – What to Expect


Now that we have told you which are the best activities to do in Sri Lanka with children, let’s see what you can expect if you travel with the little ones and things you should consider…

Actually, when one is visiting alone, that’s a different thing, and there is not much to worry about. But when one is visiting with the family and kids, that’s a whole different story as tons of things need to be considered. So let’s take a quick look and find out what to expect when you are travelling with the kids in Sri Lanka:

Milk & Nappies

In even the remotest towns of Sri Lanka, you can easily buy cow’s milk, and if you are a fan of bottled milk, you can also find it here! You can also get UHT milk which comes in boxed cartons and doesn’t require refrigeration unless opened.

And most of the accommodations in Sri Lanka will provide you with a kettle, refrigerator, and other amenities to warm or cool the milk.
As for the nappies, these are also readily available in most stores, but they will be local brands only. Although the quality may not be what you would expect from international brands, you will have no trouble finding nappies on this Island!


People in Sri Lanka are happy and chilled to the point that it will start to affect your mood (to make you happy!). And all the locals are open and friendly with the kids as well – So in that department, there is nothing to worry about but actually a lot to look forward to!


If you and your kids like spicy food, then you are in on a surprise! Sri Lankan food is famous for its rich and spicy taste, which is very different from western foods. But even if you do not like spicy food, you can easily find tons of other food options such as pizza, pasta, chips, omelettes, and even pancakes!

things to consider when travelling to sri lanka with kids
And last, but not least…


Children grow such quick that it often makes us wonder; where is the little one who was running around the house calling out to me? Let’s take advantage of their childhood to create great memories to treasure for when we stop being so present in their day-to-day for their inevitable and healthy search for independence. Travelling around Sri Lanka with your kids will be something special for them and will never forget it! Sri Lanka is the perfect country to travel ours with kids. What’s better than planning a kitesurfing holiday with children in Sri Lanka? Keep your children away from consoles and technology; let them be amazed by the breathtaking landscape and wild animals.


However, when travelling with children around Sri Lanka, there are a number of things to take into account so that you can have a smooth holiday.  

As for safety, if you travel by car, you must check the pressure of the wheels before leaving, as well as the car’s oil level and the water level. Nobody wants to “stay thrown” with the vehicle in the middle of the road, and less with children inside. On vacation with children in Sri Lanka, unforeseen events can be more upsetting than if we travel, for example, alone or as a couple, that is why it is advisable to prevent. Keep in mind that in Sri Lanka it gets dark at 6 in the afternoon and from that time the mechanical workshops are closed, so it is always advisable to travel before it gets dark

What is strictly legal in our country is not so mandatory in Sri Lanka, like carrying approved seats for children and travelling in reverse. However, for your children’s safety, we recommend you to ask for this requirement when renting a vehicle or hiring a driver.

All these safety measures are things that local drivers do not take into account but are very important if you want your children to travel safely.

Well, it all depends. It isn’t easy to find a plan that everyone likes and that adapts to the needs of each one, but despite this, we have prepared the above article with some interesting activities to do in Sri Lanka with kids before the age of 10. We hope you enjoy the holidays in Sri Lanka with your lovely children! And remember!  travelling is one of the best ways to keep them away from game consoles and mobile devices for a while.


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