Kalpitiya - Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing Sri Lanka – September

In September there is good wind in Sri Lanka for kitesurfing! Although the wind is no so consistent as the previous months, in September we celebrate days with very good wind, specially beginning of the month. Ending of the month the wind usually drops quite a lot…

Kalpitiya, the best wind conditions IN SEPTEMBER !

Discover the Sri Lanka kite season by months with Margarita Kite School

Kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka – September

These are the spots we recommend you to kite if you come to Sri Lanka in August:


* Kalpitiya lagoon and Puttalam Lagoon

* Kappaladi

* Talamannar

* Vella Island

* Ippantivu island

* Dream spot


Actvites you can do in September a part from kitesurfing

* Wilpattu Safari

* Wilpattu River trip

* Anuradhapura & Sigiriya visit


Kite equipment you will need in September

From From 9 to 14 metres, depending on the day


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