Kalpitiya - Sri Lanka

Kitesurfing Sri Lanka – May

May is usually the month with the strongest wind in Sri Lanka. The wind can rise up to 35 knots in some unlucky days, however this is not common and the average is around 25 knots. If we are lucky, we sometimes we have wind beginning on May and sometimes the wind comes late (ending of May) The wind usually comes after the raining season.


Kalpitiya, the best wind conditions IN MAY !

Discover a  kite paradise with Margarita Kite School

The best kite spots to kitesurf in May

 These are the spots we recommend you to kite if you come to Sri Lanka in May:

 Kalpitiya lagoon

Vella Island

Dream spot

Ippativu Island


What other activities can you do in May in Sri Lanka a part of Kitesurfing?


Visiting sacred cities like Anuradhapura





 Recommended equipment to use in May in Sri Lanka


Small kites, from 7 to 10 metres










Come and enjoy the perfect wind conditions in May with us!

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