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Kitesurfing Sri Lanka – January

January is one of the mest months for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka! From 1st of January to the 31st of January we usually have daily wind in the afternoons from 11-12pm to 4:30-5 pm.


The wind average in January is around 14-18 knots but some days can be stronger up to 20 knots

Kalpitiya, the best wind conditions IN JANUARY !

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Kitesurfing spots in January

These are the best kite spots for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka in January:

* Kalpitiya lagoon

* Dream spot

In South, there are some windy days on the afternoons too. (Ahangama, Weligama, Matara)


What other activities can you do in Sri Lanka in January a part from Kitesurfing?

Dolphin watching

* Diving

* Kayaking

* Canoeing

* Hikking

Unfortunately, from middle of March to May the wind is not good in Kalpitiya although you may find some good wind in the south coast of Sri Lanka. If you are lucky, it is possible kitesurfing in Sri Lanka in April due to the thermal winds on the south coast. By the other hand, from October to middle December is the worst season for a kite trip in Sri Lanka becase there is no wind and it is rainning almost everywhere in the country!


What is the most suitable kite equipment to bring with to Sri Lanka in January?


Usually , we use big kites: from 12 to 14 meters but depending on the days the wind can get stronger, up to 60 knots and that´s when when use 9-10 meters kites








Come and enjoy the perfect wind conditions in January with us!

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