What is the right kite equipment for me? – How much does kitesurfing equipment cost? – Can I buy used kitesurfing equipment? – These are the critical question that we normally ask ourself when we are considering to buy kitesurfing equipment. For many of us, the cost of kiteboarding equipment is crucial when we initiate this spot.  In this article, we are going to deal with these important questions regarding the cost of the kitesurfing gear. Also, we are going to describe which material you should get in order to kitesurf and how you can find the right one for you. Finally, we want to help you with where you can buy your kite equipment and where to find the best deals.

The first kitesurfing equipment for your own is important for your further learning success and should be carefully considered. Often the topic of material is also briefly touched on in beginner kite courses so that you get a rough overview. If you want to continue practising alone after the course, you should be aware that a complete set of equipment can be an expensive undertaking. Nevertheless, the prices for renting equipment within a few days exceed the costs of your own equipment, so this is unavoidable. But you are not alone and almost all kite surfers ask themselves this question at the beginning of their career. There is a lot of uncertainty, but that is actually unjustified. We want to clear up prejudices about kitesurfing equipment and we are going o tell you how to do it. Because if you buy smart, you can save a lot of money without having to forego convenience. In this guide, we will show you what to look out for and where it is better not to save.

What is the approximate cost of buying kitesurfing equipment?

A new kitesurfing equipment consisting of a board, a harness, a kite and its bar can range between € 1700 and € 3000. Possibly the price of € 1700 will be an offer, but you can find things at that price or even cheaper. Semi-new equipment, at the price of the previous one we can easily reduce you by about € 200 or € 300. We understand as a material with hardly any use, that has been released and little else. It can be from the previous season and thus save even more. How much it cost to buy used kiteboarding gear? Second-hand kitesurfing equipment, here the range can be very wide, but since we don’t want to buy very old equipment so as not to risk that they are in poor condition, we can find second-hand equipment from € 1000 to € 1600. Yes. If they did not tell you before taking your course, kitesurfing equipment is not a cheap thing a priori, but once obtained you will not have to pay to practice it for as many hours as you want or can. You do not have to pay as in other sports such as skiing, snow, etc. These prices are estimated and very variable, the market is very crazy in the kite industry, so you can find good prices and others that skyrocket. Many aspects also influence such as the state of the same, more cutting-edge brands or the desire of the seller to get rid of it.

Cost of the kiteboarding equipment by components

Here you will find an overview of all the important components for complete kitesurfing equipment and what you should definitely pay attention to as a beginner or later when buying. What you can do without and how much it costs.


Depending on which spot are you going to kite, you should consider the cost of the wet suit among the cost of your kitesurfing equipment. With a wetsuit, the fit is the be-all and end-all, so you should definitely try it on. If it doesn’t fit properly, it won’t warm you properly. The Neo should have a thickness of 5 / 4mm or 5 / 3mm to keep you warm during the whole season in Germany. If you only want to go on the water in summer and when the weather is nice, you can also use a 4/3. As a beginner spends a lot of time in the water, warmth is more important than flexibility. Usually, the expensive models are very flexible and very warm. To get started, however, a wetsuit for 150 € is enough to keep you warm.

Cost of a kiteboarding wet suit:  from 150 €


You have two options when choosing your harness. A seat or waist harness. Training is carried out with seat harnesses, as the pull of the kite comes from further below and makes it easier to get up on the board. Later you will probably want to switch to a waist harness to have more freedom of movement and a more comfortable position on the board. If you are still struggling with the water start, grab a cheap, used seat harness (approx. 40 – 60 €) and change later. If you can get out of the water safely, buy a waist harness straight away. A Harness can be bought cheaply as a previous year’s model or on the second-hand market. Seat harnesses are quite flexible in terms of fit and almost always fit.

Cost of kitesurfing harness: from 80 €


The kite is the heart of the beginner kitesurf equipment. The selection is now so large that it almost overwhelms you at the beginning, but we will help you!

Kite size – If you are traveling in Europe and weigh around 75kg, you will almost always get on the water with the sizes 12sqm and 9sqm when it is windy here on land. For 10kg more or less weight, about 1 square meter should be added or subtracted. However, this is only a rough guide. If you are satisfied with just one kite, you should choose a size in between.

Kite Shape – What a suitable kite is is always a hot topic of discussion. Bow, Delta and Open-C are types that are preferred by beginners. You can’t go wrong with this. These shapes offer you good relaunch properties and are recommended for beginners.

Kite manufacturer – Since many kite surfers take this question very personally and it is partly like a religion, it is often difficult to get an honest opinion. In general, every well-known manufacturer builds sensible kites. One likes the one better, the other the other – a matter of taste. Less well-known manufacturers offer greater room to negotiate prices and are therefore often significantly cheaper, which is also noticeable in the loss of value.

Kite in general – In general, a used kite is completely sufficient, as the properties of the kite do not change. The year of construction of the kite should not be before 2011, the cloth should feel firm and not be soft. It is also important that the bar fits the kite (same manufacturer, same year). For kites from 2013 you should definitely pay attention to 4 lines. The safety systems are so sophisticated that a 5th line is more of a risk than an additional safety feature.

Determine the condition – Anyone who buys a kite should be able to assess the condition and know what to look for. In principle, you should touch the cloth, because if it is firm and hard it is still fairly new. Heavily used cloth feels very soft and thin. The valves and hoses, especially with one-pump systems, should not be porous but soft. Hard hoses will break quickly. The seams on the front tube should look good and not dissolve. In general, the color of a kite also gives a good insight. Faded colors indicate high usage.

Cost of a kitesurfing kite: from 350 €

4. BAR

When buying your kite equipment, a part from the cost of a kitesurfing kite you should also consider how much are you going to expend on your kite bar. As a kitesurf beginner, it is important that the bar belongs to the kite. Hiring a bar is difficult and requires some experience. It is better to buy your kite complete with a bar, then nothing can go wrong. The bar is an important security feature. Depower lines and lines should be in good condition so that nothing happens on the water. You should also find out about the bar’s security system (quick release), know how it works and test whether it still works perfectly.  Otherwise, the prices for bar systems differ widely. Many manufacturers are compatible with each other, others are not. Some security systems are popular, others less so. All of this has an impact on the used market. As we said, the bar is, among the kite, the most important safety component in your kitesurfing equipment, so our advice is that you don´t try to save money on this important item.

Cost of a kitesurfing bar: from 100 €


When it comes to boards, the bigger the better. The problem here is, the bigger the board, the faster it is no longer fun. Therefore, you should honestly assess your skills after the course. Those who can safely master water starts and are already working on the technique on the board can choose a smaller board. If you have not yet got out of the water properly, you should choose one size larger. A good height for a 75kg rider is 145cm. For the beginning, however, much bigger is OK. Here, too, the following applies: if you add kilos, the board should get bigger, if kilos are missing, take a little smaller. The wider, the better the planing behavior, it should be 40cm. Kiters later like to use the beginner board as a light wind board. That would be one more reason to take a bigger board. Boards actually last forever and there have not been any major development advances in recent years. A kiteboard is ideal for a used purchase. How much coast a kitesurfing board?

How much it cost a kitesurfing board? You can find a basic board for your kite equipment from 150 €


If you are a beginner kiting in deep waters, you can think about a vest. An impact protection vest offers some buoyancy. If the kite falls on the water and you can’t start it again, it can take a while to get back on land. Those who practice extreme tricks can also think about it. In our opinion, it is not a must, but it makes sense in some cases. There are vests that are specially designed for waist harnesses. You should definitely take this into account, otherwise, the harness will no longer fit. A vest can be bought used cheaply.

Cost of an impact vest: from 50 €


A helmet is a good investment as a beginner and something you should consider into the coast of your kiteboarding gear. It protects you and gives you a feeling of security. Helmets are a useful addition to kitesurfing equipment, especially on crowded and stony spots. We keep our fingers crossed that the investment is never worth it for you. The helmet is often seen as superfluous, but at the moment when something happens, it is important to have one. If you like, you can buy a used helmet, only the size has to be right, otherwise it will not protect properly.

How much it coast a kitesurfing helmet? Well you can find a solid one from 40 €


A pump is part of every piece of equipment. When buying an aluminum shaft, make sure that there is enough pressure in the kite. There are now pumps in different sizes. Higher pumps protect your back and are a little more comfortable. Many kite pumps have a pressure gauge on which you can read the pressure. How much pressure should be put into the kite can be found in the instructions for use. Usually, 6-7 PSI is optimal. A pump can certainly be bought second-hand.

What is the average price of a kitesurfing pump? Depending on the brand you can find a pump for around 40 €


The safety leash is essential and an important item to consider in the cost of a kitesurfing equipment. It is important to ensure that you can always release the leash with one hand and therefore need a quick release to push away (push-away). Similar to the bar, a medium length is good. Long leashes are for advanced freestylers and short leashes for snow kiters. A safety leash is always included with new bars. With used leashes you should test whether they still release well and the mechanism is still firm enough.

How much a kite leash? Prices start from 25 eur average

When is the best time to buy kitesurfing equipment?

The best time to buy your kitesurfing equipment cheaply is when the kite brands change the year.  That means almost every kitesurf brand brings an update of the respective products onto the market year after year. This means that the “previous year’s models” will be sold off. This is also the time to get new material from one of the premium brands at a bargain price. Discounts of up to 50% are often no exception. Unfortunately, this is only a solution if you can wait and not if you want to buy new kites or a new kiteboard on the spot. There are also some bargains to be won in November on Black Friday, here you have to be careful, as in all other industries, that you don’t get any slow-moving goods at a supposedly good discount, but if you compare a little, you will definitely find your kitesurfing equipment at a good price shop.

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