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From the most experienced kitesurfing teachers to the most amazing kite trips and epic downwinds. Find out the Sri Lanka kitesurfing experience.

You can learn, improve and enjoy with us!

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Find out the best kitesurfing spots in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, kitesurfing is synonymous with Margarita Kite School = The place to learn kite in Kalpitiya and to progress in the best kitesurfing spots around

Welcome to Margartia kite school Sri Lanka! We are a CERTIFIED IKO SCHOOL located in Kalpitiya and we offer kitesurfing lessons in Kalpitiya lagoon, an amazing spot which is just a 5-minute drive from our school. Come and learn kitesurfing with us at the best kite spot in Sri Lanka! We organize kite trips to the best kitesurfing spots around Kalpitiya such as Dream spot, Dutch Bay, Vella Island, Ilimpattivu Island, Portugal Bay, Donkey point, Navy Point and more, almost on weekly basis. Are you planning to learn kitesurfing in Sri Lanka? In that case come to Margarita Kitesurfing School Sri Lanka for your best kitesurfing lessons!
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The best choice to learn kitesurfing in kalpitiya.
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Kalpitiya, the Best Spot for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka

Perhaps, Kalpitiya Lagoon in Sri Lanka is the best place for beginners and freestyle enthusiasts kiters. This lagoon is particularly relevant because of the flat waters. Furthermore, the lake is separated from the ocean by a small strip of beach, which gives rise to incredible landscapes. The wind in Kalpitiya blows regularly both day and night between May and September from 20 knots, peaking at 30. On the other hand, from December to March, there is an excellent wind, which ranges from 16 to 25 Knots. As a result, Kalpitiya is one of the best places to learn kitesurfing and to improve in kitesurfing in our kitesurfing school.
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Kalpitiya Islands, the paradise of kiting

North of Kalpitiya, there are several nice islands characterized by flat waters which make them ideal places for kitesurfing. Also, the natural, unspoiled environment makes these islands the best locations for kitesurfing in Sri Lanka and perfect kitesurfing spots in the world.

Come and discover this kitesurfing paradise through our kite school!

Vella Island


Vella island kalpitiya is one of the best kitesurfing spots in the world. It is located only 45 min by boat from kalpitiya lagoon. If you come to kalpitiya for kitesurfing, you cannot miss Vella Island (summer time).

Donkey Point

Between the waves of the Indian Ocean

This cape is the perfect spot to kite in the ocean and it is only 10 minutes drive from Kalpitiya. The spot is currently under the control of the Sri Lankan Navy.

Dream spot

Flat water

The dream spot Kalpitiya is located in the “Dutch Bay”, just 25 minutes by boat from Kalpitiya Lagoon. This spot is also quite unique with flat, shallow water and a very steady wind.
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Discover with Margarita Kite School Sri Lanka the most specials places in Kalpitiya. We travel by boat from Kalpitiya to Vella Island through a quiet landscape that separates the lagoon from the ocean. Once on the little island, we set up our kites to start for 10km downwind. Our kitesurfing school has specialized for more than 5 years in offering personalized kite trips to Vella and other kite spots around
Sri Lanka is considered the pearl of Indian Ocean for kitesurfing. The main area for kitesurfing is in Kalpitya, at north of Sri Lanka, where you have huge flat water lagoons and great winds and warm weather.

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DOWNWIND From Kalpitiya to Wilpattu National Park

Discover with Margarita Kitesurfing School Sri Lanka the most specials places to kite in Kalpitiya. These amazing downwinds offer the possibility to combine many amazing kitesurfing spots around kalpitiya, along the Portugal Bay. We are the only kite school in Kalpitiya that knows all the hidden kite spots in Sri Lanka